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Success Stories


When it comes to employee benefit plans, small and midsize companies in Atlanta turn to Liz Frayer at Intrepid. When it was time to buy the agency, Liz sought the expertise of Oak Street Funding.  > Read more

TexCap Concord

When the majority partner of TexCap-Concord decided he wanted to sell, Gaylon Brown and other partners stepped forward with the desire to buy and perpetuate the agency. Oak Street Funding helped. > Read more

CDS Insurance

Rob Cimato wanted to streamline his agency’s debt and free up cash flow to grow. Oak Street Funding provided the capital he needed. > Read more

Strong Tie Insurance

Efrain Ferrer saw opportunities to grow his insurance agency. He just needed capital and he got it from Oak Street Funding. > Read more

John M. Norcia

John Norcia’s insurance agency boasts 120 years of collective industry experience. He turned to Oak Street Funding to provide a similar level of experience for his capital needs. > Read more

Agency Brokerage Consultants

M&A broker and partner believes Oak Street Funding understands the insurance industry better than a bank. > Read more

Customer Testimonials

Insurance Industry: Client Testimonial > Watch Now

Insurance Industry: Client Testimonial > Watch Now

"What impresses me most about Oak Street is their fairness and willingness to creatively go the extra mile to ensure deals close.  For example, all deal professionals have had to contend with the recalcitrant junior creditor that threatens to break a deal.  Oak Street will listen, engage, and work harder than any senior lender in my experience to ensure that junior creditor does not hold the deal hostage. They are truly the borrower's partner." - Christian J. Henrich, Esq.

"This was the most organized and smooth process of a loan I have ever experienced. Everything went as I was told. We did not go back and forth on needing any other docs other than listed in the beginning. Thank you for such a smooth process." - Valarie J. Gavin

"We can't say enough positive things about the personal touch and individualized service and attention we received. Commerical bankers could learn a thing or two from Oak Street! THANK YOU to all of you for making one of my dreams come true." - Allan Boyd

"One of the few sources for an insurance agency in securing a loan when acquiring a book of business. Oak street is a trusted financial partner who understands the insurance business for the independent agency owner." - Richard Morache

"I found the entire experience better than I had expected. Everyone was pleasant to work with and it was much less complicated than one would have thought. Not only would I recommend Oak Street Funding to anyone in need a financing but I will also you them for any future finance needs for my agency." - Robert Jandrain

"Industry knowledge was definitely an advantage to working with Oak Street. I'm more of a global conceptual person and I felt that start to finish it was well done.  The niche you serve shows there's a lot of gray area but you explained things well." - Rick Maldonado

"The thing most notable about working with Oak Street was your knowledge of the industry, like 'pledging future commissions as collateral'. You are in the business, which was invaluable. Compared to our external lenders (or attempts with those lenders) it was night and day. We looked at 8 lenders total throughout the process. Two were VC and 6 were local banks but primarily lending institutions and to be able to talk about carriers and contracts with Oak Street without getting the 'deer in headlights' look…you get it! From my perspective as a small owner…again, it was just invaluable." - Matthew Chavez

"I worked on the purchase of the existing book over several months and found the entire staff to be very patient and helpful, even through some stressful times. I would recommend others to Oak Street for their business!" - Thomas Sugg Jr.

"Just wanted to note that it was a pleasure to work with all involved.. they took what I thought would be a long process and made it very simple." - Nicholas Berezowsky

"Loan process was thorough and actually helped me get an even better picture of my cash flows and revenues throughout the process." - Justin Honey

"Oak Street Funding is an excellent  place to fund a loan.  I have used them twice and the process is very easy.  They have very nice to people working for them." - Vicki Mathis

"Extremely professional and courteous staff. From our first discussion through settlement, the responsiveness and thoroughness was fantastic. Your staff made this a great experience. Plan on recommending your firm to agents looking for funding because of my positive experience." - John Ridgway

Oak Street Best of Best

Oak Street Funding was chosen as one of the Best of the Best  financial services companies to insurance agents and brokers by Insurance Business America Magazine (IBA).  

Customer & Employee Experience

Best Place to Work in Indiana

Oak Street Funding has a strong reputation of being a top-notch organization. The company has always believed hiring the right people is the first step to success. As an organization, we strive to find the right people and provide them all the resources needed to achieve both personal and organizational goals.

A natural by-product of having the right team and maintaining a strong culture is an exceptional level of customer service. Combined, the Employee and Customer Experience represent a strategic focus for the organization called . Our goal is to exceed the expectations of both our employees and our customers and place both at the forefront of our planning, decision making, and execution of daily tasks.

As a result of this focus, our Net Promoter Score (NPS), which is a widely accepted standard for measuring customer satisfaction, consistently ranks well above the top scores in the nation. What's more, employee opinions about working for the company have earned Oak Street the honor of Best Places to Work in Indiana for three consecutive years (2013 - 2015).