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If you missed one of our events, feel free to download recordings and slide presentations to benefit from valuable resources for your insurance agency business.

Webinar: Maximizing LinkedIn for Prospecting

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It is no secret that the power of social media continues to disrupt even the most seasoned of professional’s prospect pipeline management strategies.  Today, top agents and brokers have learned the secret to harnessing the power of LinkedIn to drive traffic, build lists, and stimulate growth. 

In Digital Marketing – Maximizing Your LinkedIn Success, participants will learn the value of social media and how LinkedIn may play a key role in any prospect pipeline strategy.

Join us as Matt O'Neil, Director of Creativy for Beyond Insurance, teaches you how to:

  • Understand the role social media plays in effective prospecting,
  • Leverage LinkedIn to find new prospective clients
  • Effectively navigate LinkedIn for sales

Webinar: M&A Due Diligence and Contracts

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We hear and read about best practices for successful mergers and acquisitions, but what is the process really like? Join us for our final webinar in this series, "Mergers & Acquisitions, Due Diligence and Contracts" with Chris Hughes of Merger & Acquisition Services. Chris will leave you with a better understanding of the following:

•  Diligence Process and Timing
•  Financial, Legal and Operational Diligence
•  Diligence Obstacles
    •  Key M&A Contracts
    •  Asset Purchase Agreement, Non-compete, Employment Agreements
•  Key Terms and Contracts
    •  Minimizing Execution Risk


Webinar: Understanding M&A Deal Process & Structure

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We hear and read about best practices for successful agency mergers and acquisitions, but what is the process really like? Watch our latest webinar, "Understanding M&A Deal Process and Structure" with Chris Hughes of Merger & Acquisition Services. Chris will leave you with better understanding of the following:

  • Overview of the M&A Process
  • Preparation and Marketing
  • Controlled Auction Process
  • Deal Structures
  • Timeline



Webinar: The Gift of Sales Management

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Sales Management is about stewardship, planning, organizing, resource allocation, control and problem solving. It is the act of coordinating people and resources to efficiently deliver products, strategies and services. The Gift of Sales Management can be summed up in two words - "Sales Leadership." Sales Leadership is the process of influencing others to achieve mutually agreed upon goals.

You will leave this webinar with strategy and structure to support your agency's vision, staff alignment, sales culture and communication to positively impact top line growth.


Webinar: Agency Valuation

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Current valuations for insurance distribution firms are at an all-time high. The combination of new private equity acquirers in the market and low interest rate debt are fueling a red-hot market for insurance distribution firms. 
Over the past twelve months, insurance agency valuations have increased 35 to 50 percent over the historic twenty-year average. This webinar shares details of:

  • How to value an insurance distribution firm.
  • Examples of how to develop a "pro-forma" income statement to determine a firm's EBITDA.
  • Steps you can take to determine and maximize the value drivers of your firm.



Webinar: 4 Tips to Increase Online Lead Conversion

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Learn how local agents can develop sales and service processes to better serve the connected consumer. With over 80% of consumers going online for insurance research, local agents need an edge to compete with direct writers dominating the search engines. Stuart Ganis of Ganis Consulting will share his expertise and explain how to:

  • Formulate a contact strategy for purchased and self-generated online leads
  • Script voicemails and other outbound calls for online leads
  • Cross-sell new leads and existing customers
  • Leverage technology to automate parts of your sales process
  • Analyze key metrics to track that help agency owners build a sales culture

Webinar: M&A Pitfalls and Solutions, Q&A

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We hear and read about best practices for successful agency mergers and acquisitions, but what is the real story? How can you truly satisfy the expectations of buyers and sellers and ensure a smooth transaction? Join us for a Q&A session with Chris Hughes of Merger & Acquisition Services. Learn from his expertise as he answers common questions many owners are eager, but sometimes reluctant to ask, such as:

  • What should a firm do to prepare itself for a sale?
  • What preparations should a firm who is looking to acquire implement?
  • On a global level, how is the marketplace right now for sales and acquisitions of insurance agencies and wholesalers?
  • What are some typical recommendations you give to buyers/sellers when it comes to retention of the book? How does the transaction plan affect the sale?

Webinar: Performance Map 365... The Art of Goal Setting

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Your ability to create visions is essential to your personal and business lives. But there is nothing more important and rewarding than having visions come to fruition. Beyond Insurance, which has been instrumental in helping transform insurance agencies, will introduce a process to enhance your ability to create visions, set goals, benchmark progress, build relationship networks and break through frustrations. Take your agency to the next level by learning the principles behind business planning.

Webinar: SWOT Analysis

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A SWOT analysis can be a major contributing factor to the success of your agency’s vision and strategy. It can provide a foundation to a solid business plan. The Faurote Group, a consulting firm that’s been instrumental in helping organizations grow, explains a proven, step-by-step process to help determine the state of your agency business. This webinar will give you valuable insight in preparing for the next step in the business planning process: Developing a Performance Map.

Webinar: Trends & Traits of Successful Agencies

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Discover key management principles that help agencies thrive. Agency Brokerage Consultants, a broker with a strong history of arranging M&A deals for the insurance industry, will share best practices for maximizing your money, marketing, sales, people and processes. Understanding keys to success can help you prepare for the next step in the business planning process: Analyzing Your Agency.

Webinar: The Inside Scoop on Agency Acquisitions - for Buyers and Sellers

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We hear and read about best practices for successful agency mergers and acquisitions, but what is the real story? How can you truly satisfy the expectations of buyers and sellers and ensure a smooth transaction? Mel Clemmons of SAMM Consulting, a leader in insurance sales, mergers and acquisitions, addresses key aspects of acquisitions. Learn from his expertise as he answers common questions many owners are eager, but sometimes reluctant to ask:

  • Is an acquisition a smart step for my agency, or could I be setting myself up for failure?
  • Of all the steps involved in preparing to sell, which are the most critical and where should I start?
  • If I’m considering a sell to someone I know, who is more likely to succeed — a family member or someone else?
  • What are some real-life examples of acquisitions that succeeded and failed, and what were major factors in the successes or failure? 

Webinar: Unveiling the Secrets Behind Your Credit Score

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 Ever wonder why the credit score a lender receives isn’t the same as what you just received off of one of the free credit report sites? Why do the 3 main credit reporting agencies never have the same score – sometimes even up to a 100 point difference? How can you ensure you’re maximizing the key factors that drive the credit reporting agency’s scoring models?

If you’ve ever been shocked by a lender telling you your score isn’t quite what you thought it was, then you are not alone. Millions of Americans, even those within the finance/lending world that routinely deal with credit, are often left wondering how and why their score is what it is. Understanding how to maximize your credit score will have a long lasting impact on just about every facet of your life now and in the future. Those that chose to ignore it and hope that all is well are almost always certain to pay significantly more, sometimes totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars over their lifetime.

Webinar: Building Your Referral Network... 10 Proven Steps to Networking Success

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Learning how to connect is one of the most important skills you will ever learn. Effective networking is not about serving yourself. Rather, finding ways to make other people more successful. Successful professionals understand that real networking is about generosity, not greed. It is about giving before you receive. Learning how to help others succeed is is the key ingredient in the networking process.

The great myth of networking is that you reach out to others only at the time of need. This is incorrect. Successful individuals built their network long before they needed anything at all. Creating a community is not a short term solution or one off activity only to be used when necessary. It begins with a predetermined plan and strategy to carry it out. The strategy is built upon the constant process of connecting - of offering and asking for help. Watch us as Scott Addis of Beyond Insurance provides 10 proven steps to networking success.

Webinar: The Realities of Selling Your Agency to a Large Organization

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Planning to sell your agency? Listen to a Q&A session - The Realities of Selling to a Large Organization. You’ll hear valuable insight from a former successful owner who, prior to a merger, grew his agency by 800% and received several awards from multiple insurance agencies and associations. He will share his real-world experience selling to a large organization. Does he have any regrets? These questions (and more) will be addressed:

• What are the most important characteristics a seller should look for in a buyer?
• How does selling to a large organization affect the owner? Clients? Employees?
• What is one thing owners can do in advance to prepare for selling that they may not have considered?
• What are the pros and cons of selling to an aggregator?

Webinar: Keys to Successful Agency Management

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Whether you’re a new or experienced agency principal, this high level discussion on agency management will deliver applicable tips to help your business thrive. Our presenter, Mike Mensch of Agency Brokerage Consultants, will cover a full gambit of key areas so you won’t want to miss this presentation. Topics include:

• Financial Management
• Marketing
• Hiring and compensation
• Sales and processes

Mike is a certified Merger & Acquisition Master Intermediary and managing partner of Agency Brokerage Consultants.  He oversees the firm's valuation and M&A engagements, and has worked with retail and wholesale P&C and L&H brokerages around the country.  Mike’s webinars with Oak Street have consistently generated hundreds of attendees and his recorded presentations have been viewed by thousands of agents.

Webinar: Are you Twignorant? Learn step-by-step Twitter basics for 2015

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Why should you start tweeting in 2015?

  • Communication: Allows you to update followers, as well as opens a door for them to communicate back to you.
  • Generates leads: Tweeting promotions and special offers can quickly spread the word to your industry/customers.
  • Brand & Personality: Tweeting can give your brand a sense of personality and human emotion, which may make customers more comfortable or likely to purchase from you.
  • Trends: You can quickly search trending words or topics pertaining to your industry. This lets you know what other like minds may be doing around the globe!
  • Customer Service: With so many people on twitter in 2015, you are making yourself extremely accessible via Twitter, which is comforting to many.

Webinar: Agency Growth Trends - Survey Results

> Download presentation > Webinar recording link

Insurance agency owners continually strive to grow their businesses and are challenged with developing the most effective growth strategies possible. Oak Street Funding conducted a survey to learn about these challenges, identify needs and potential opportunities, and share information that can help agency owners understand the current landscape of agency growth. Attend this webinar to see an analysis of the results from 200 agents who responded to the survey.

• Agency growth rates over the last two years.
• Who responded - by agency age, captive or independent.
• Common growth strategies employed.
• What contributes most to growth.

Webinar: Dare to be Different: Your Quest to Enhance Your Customer Experience Journey

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How would your customers rate their experience with your agency?

Discover how to analyze and shape your customers' experiences with your agency. This webinar will highlight six essential steps to differentiate your agency from competitors and can help anyone in your firm responsible for building and maintaining relationships. Christin Myers will share key factors that affect and are impacted by the customer journey:

• The strength of your value proposition
• How experience affects customer loyalty
• Lifetime value of the customer relationship
• How logic vs. emotion impacts consumer purchasing

Webinar: Capital Options for Insurance Businesses

 > Webinar recording link

An interactive, audience-driven panel discussion that will address common questions insurance business owners have about how to fulfill their unique capital needs. Our experts, who have collectively closed hundreds of millions of dollars in loans to agents, MGAs, program administrators and brokers, will answer your specific questions and provide insight on issues most common to businesses like yours.

Webinar: Grow Your Agency with Strong Sales Leadership

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Do you lead or manage your agency's sales efforts? Knowing and understanding the difference is critical.

Sales Leadership differs from Sales Management. Sales managers often spend most of their time coordinating people and resources to efficiently deliver products and services. But is that the best way to grow an agency?

Attend this webinar and discover why it's effective to influence others to achieve goals. Learn about the importance of developing strategy and structure to support your agency’s vision, people alignment, sales culture and communication. Scott Addis will share his years of experience to help you positively impact top line growth.

Scott Addis started his award-winning company, The Addis Group, in 1990. The company has grown to more than 1,700 clients and premiums over of $180,000,000. Scott was named “Entrepreneur of the Year” finalist by Inc. Magazine and one of the “25 Most Innovative Agents in America” by the National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research. He founded the Beyond Insurance® Global Network, the fourth largest insurance network in the U.S.; created the Certified Risk Architect® designation and Reach Your Peak™ producer model; and serves as president of Beyond Insurance®, a coaching and training organization. His new book, Summit: Reach Your Peak and Elevate Your Customers’ Experience, is a step-by-step training guide for peak potential. Visit or

Webinar: What's Your Score at Halftime?

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It’s July – we’re already halfway through the year! Are you on track to meet your goals for 2014? Is it time to evaluate what adjustments may be needed to reach your target for sales volume, profitability or other metrics?

As Director of Sales for Oak Street, Bill Nicholson has not only realized triple-digit sales growth, he’s also been involved in hundreds of insurance agency loan transactions. Bill provides a unique perspective on what it takes to grow and what agents are doing to help ensure success. Attend this webinar as Bill shares the following and more:

  • Assessing the first six months
  • Most common ways insurance agents invest in business growth
  • Results of those growth initiatives and how they exceed averages
  • What growing agencies look like - their profile
  • Steps you can take to grow

Webinar: What's Your Level of EQ?

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Do you feel like you blow it with people sometimes – missing opportunities or just starting off or continuing on the wrong path? Do you wonder how others perceive you and how that may affect your business?

Most of us know what IQ means and possibly what our IQ is, but how many of us know about EQ? EQ deals with our emotional intelligence — our ability to recognize our own and others’ feelings and use that awareness to positively impact relationships. Studies show our EQ can have a tremendous impact on how successful we are in our professional lives. As insurance agents whose livelihoods depend on relationships, it’s imperative that you know yours. This webinar can help you:

  • Define your EQ and recognize how it impacts your professional life
  • Enhance business relationships with customers, staff and others
  • Avoid relationship pitfalls caused by knee-jerk reactions
  • Discover the genius and power of ‘Self-Talk’
  • Improve your EQ through real-life examples and proven methods

Our presenter, Sarah Turner, oversees human capital growth and development at Oak Street Funding.   With more than 16 years of experience spanning across the accounting industry and leadership development consulting, Sarah has contributed to the growth of both individuals and companies nationwide.

Webinar: The Best Practices for Growing an Insurance Agency

Download presentation > Webinar recording link

Have you ever wondered why some agencies grow by leaps and bounds while others struggle to survive?  In this session we’ll explore some keys to building a thriving insurance agency.  We will touch on everything from organic and acquisition growth strategies, to internal processes and culture, to financial management.  Mike Mensch will:

  • Draw on his rich experience consulting with independent agencies around the country.
  • Share some good and bad practices he's witnessed.
  • Provide suggestions to help your agency prosper. 

Mike is a certified Merger & Acquisition Master Intermediary and managing partner of Agency Brokerage Consultants.  He oversees the firm's valuation and M&A engagements, currently working with agencies in nine states that have up to 100 employees.  Mike has authored a number of webinar presentations on valuing, buying, building and selling independent insurance agencies, and blogs regularly on the same topics.

 Webinar: The Ins and Outs of Internal Succession

> Download presentation > Webinar recording link

Are you considering a succession plan that involves a family member, employee or other person taking over your agency business? If so, there some key factors to keep in mind. Join us on February 20th as John Biasiello shares insights on:

  • Smart approaches to internal perpetuation
  • Typical challenges that are encountered
  • What happens when multiple owners are involved
  • How you can avoid common pitfalls
  • Other essential information

John Biasiello has more than 20 years of professional experience in the insurance industry. He is a founder and managing director of Sukay & Associates, a financial advisory firm that focuses exclusively on representing insurance brokers in business transactions.

Webinar: Generate ROI from Marketing Efforts

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As a business owner, you know you need to focus on and invest in marketing to promote your business and generate sales leads. But how do you know if you’re focusing on the right tactics, instead of just throwing money at something that’s ineffective? Overall, how do know if your marketing efforts are successful? In this webinar, presented by Hatchet Marketing, you will learn:

  • Common mistakes business owners make in marketing
  • How to make marketing a profit center and not a cost center
  • How to build a foundation of sales and marketing alignment
  • A framework to jump start your sales and marketing initiative

Hatchet Marketing is a strategic marketing firm that creates customized, executable marketing strategies around current sales processes and initiatives, turning investments into an ROI-generating marketing machine.

Webinar: Tax Implications of Buying and Selling Insurance Agencies

> Download presentation    > Webinar recording link

Have you considered tax implications of buying and selling your agency? Jon Persky of Optimum Performance Solutions discusses the ins and outs of a business transaction. Learn about the:

  • Difference between an asset purchase and a stock purchase and how it affects taxes
  • Implications of converting from a C corp to an S corp
  • Capital Gains tax rates
  • Election of an installment sale and how it affects taxes
  • Implications of the allocation of the sales price

Webinar: Succession Planning on Your Terms

> Download presentation > Webinar recording link

Many agency owners are concerned about how to implement the right succession plan while maximizing their personal value. Timely recapitalization or succession transactions can optimize owner economics and position future shareholders for success. Oak Street Funding’s Chief Financial Officer Todd Gray discusses the key benefits a leveraged recapitalization offers in a succession plan.

Webinar: How to Prepare Your Agency for Sale

> Download presentation   > Webinar recording link

Have you been considering selling your agency? It's never too early to start preparing! Listen to Michael Mensch of Agency Brokerage Consultants shed light on:

  • How to build value in your agency
  • When to engage a broker
  • The importance of an agency valuation
  • What happens after the deal closes
  • Case studies of real world agency sale transactions

Mike is a recognized industry expert on insurance agency and broker valuations and a top intermediary for insurance sales in Florida.

Webinar: Financing Options to Spur Agency Growth

> Download presentation

Are you one of many businesses that have been in a holding pattern, waiting for a strong economic rebound and other signs before moving forward with growth plans? Although there are several shoestring tactics agency owners can employ to help grow their business, the reality is that most growth initiatives require capital.

Adequate cash for growth strategies may or may not be a hindrance. Even if it isn’t an issue for you, it’s important to maintain a balance between debt and liquidity. Borrowing funds can help you maintain that balance and reach your goals to grow now and prepare for succession in the future. Find out what it takes to gain access to capital, how the process works, and what your financing options are at our next webinar. 

  • What are the criteria to qualify for an agency loan?
  • How much money is needed to get a loan?
  • What are typical rates and terms?
  • How does the process work ¬and how long does it take?
  • What kinds of uses are there for loans and what results have agencies seen?

Webinar: Deal Origination - The art of locating the right deal for you!

> Download presentation   > Webinar recording link

Today’s M&A market in the insurance space is a very competitive place with Private Equity Groups and national aggregators dropping into the smaller market segment to capture market share and leverage their critical mass. Average revenue multiples are at a historic high, with clean companies selling at all-time highs. This is a seller’s market!

Hear Sam Patterson, of Springtree Group, discuss how to go about finding the right company or book to purchase. You'll hear STG's views on the acquisition target development process as a multi-level and joint endeavor, and about the national approach that they bring to the table in conjunction with the “boots on the ground” market specific level Intel. Since only one in 10 agency sales are publicly known, how do you find and communicate to those other nine?

Webinar: Assure a "Clean" Company - Acquisition Strategies

> Download presentation   > Webinar recording link coming soon

A significant piece of any insurance agency strategy involves consideration of any legal or regulatory issues that may affect the value of a target company. This requires skilled due diligence to assure the company is “clean” and the purchaser will not inherit any unforeseen legal or regulatory impediments to ongoing successful operations.

Fred E. Karlinsky, Esq., provides an overview of possible legal and regulatory concerns relating to the acquisition of an insurance company and share some critical insurance compliance issues that are unique to agencies. Karlinsky is a shareholder of Colodny, Fass, Talendfeld, Karlinsky, Abate & Webb, P.A.

Webinar:  What's Your Insurance Agency Worth?

> Download presentation  > Listen to presentation

Daniel Menzer provides indepth insight into the components of business value as seen through the eyes of a Fair Market Valuation. He also shares the difference between FMV and Street Value and why this is important to understand the distinction.  Finally, Daniel reviews some of the key uses for FMV reports and why you need to avoid the trap of a simple revenue multiple valuation estimate. Presented by Daniel P. Menzer, CPA, CM&AA, Partner, OPTIS Partners.

Webinar: Capital Options for Insurance Agencies

> Download presentation   > Listen to presentation

Running a business in today’s economic climate requires a deep understanding of ways to manage a business to ensure success. From an early age, individuals have been conditioned to believe that debt is bad. However, when used in the right way, debt and/or capital options can have a strong place at the table for a business looking to grow. In this webinar, Oak Street's CEO, Rick Dennen, and CFO, Todd Gray, covered some of the common reasons capital can have a tremendous impact on your organization including:

•  Why do you need capital?
•  How can you use capital?
•  What are the choices available to your organization?
•  What are the pros and cons of those capital options?

Why (Almost) Everything They Tell You About Social Media is Dead Wrong

> Download presentation   > Listen to presentation

Do you know how to use Social Media to your advantage? Join us on May 16 to find out! This training webinar is for insurance agents and brokers who truly want to understand Social Media. Unfortunately, most agents and brokers - in their mad dash to “do” Social Media - have unknowingly abused this new technology and damaged their relationships in the process.

Michael Jans, CEO of Agency Revolution and author of “Why (Almost) Everything They Tell You About Social Media is DEAD Wrong” will help you avoid these mistakes in this complimentary webinar.

Webinar: Networking Events for Agency Professionals

> View or download presentation

Business networking events are one of the most powerful sources for new referral relationships to grow your agency. But most sales professionals are terrible at leveraging these events. Join Robbie Slaughter from AccelaWork on April 18th as he shares:

•  How to effectively prepare for a networking event
•  Precisely what to say and do at the program
•  How to follow up in a way that will build your business

Robby Slaughter is a workflow and productivity expert. His focus is helping organizations and individuals to become more efficient, more effective and more satisfied at work. Robby is a regular contributor in several regional magazines and has been interviewed by national publications such as the Wall Street Journal. His latest book is “The Unbeatable Recipe for Networking Events.”

Webinar: Secrets to Maximizing Agency Value

> View or download presentation

Michael Mensch, a recognized industry expert on insurance agency and broker valuations and a top intermediary for insurance sales in Florida, shares:

  • The uses and conditions for insurance agency valuations
  • The basics of appraisal methodology and value drivers in an insurance agency
  • How a valuation can reveal insight into the real and potential market value of your agency
  • Case examples of agencies with structural and management problems that negatively impacted their market value

Webinar: 10 Fresh Ideas to Market Your Insurance Agency

 > Download presentation     > Listen to presentation

Revive your insurance business with new marketing ideas! Special guest Raquel Richardson discusses ten creative, fresh ideas on ways to market your insurance agency business. Raquel is the principal of Silver Square, a creative, trusted full-service marketing firm known for hitting it out of the park, using funny as a business tactic, offering expert advice through content marketing, being brutally honest, exploiting social media and reveling in its clients’ successes.

Webinar: Marketing in the Digital Age

> Download presentation

People will always buy insurance, but NOW they buy it on the Internet...

The Internet is constantly changing – along with the buying habits of insurance consumers.Yet many agencies continue to make costly, crucial mistakes when it comes to their marketing. On this webinar you'll discover the tools other agencies use to win today’s consumer... and beat the mega-marketers at their own game. Join Michael Jans, CEO of Agency Revolution, as he discusses:

  • How to respond to the internet threat with cutting-edge digital marketing strategies (ones that many insurance agents are using right now to dominate their marketplace
  • How to have a website that really does attract people - the prospects and customers you want to attract
  • The secrets of getting tons of free traffic to your website - and flood your marketing funnel with hot and highly qualified leads
  • Converting a high percentage of your traffic into sales is easy when you know how
  • Getting more policies per client, more referrals, over 90% retention rates - getting them easily - getting them automatically

Webinar: Productivity Across Generations - Working Effectively With Staff of All Ages

> Download presentation

Working Effectively With Staff of All Ages - Communicating and collaborating with creative, technical and management staff from every generation

Old timers and whippersnappers. New technology and tried-and-try methods. People from different decades see work differently, but we all have to work together. This seminar teaches participants how to communicate, manage, and effectively listen to people outside their own generation. Individuals of all ages can be productive through a new perspective on age and experience. Join guest speaker Robby Slaughter, founder of AccelaWork as he covers:

  • Generations and Generation Gaps – How age, collective experience and cultural identities inform our viewpoint on work
  • Social Media and Outside Relationships – Understanding how to engage on the Internet while maintaining positive, productive working environments.
  • Managing Outside Your Generation – How to lead and inspire people who are younger or older than you are.

The most productive organizations embrace the diverse experiences of their workforce. Learn more about how to work together and make differences a competitive advantage!

Webinar: Current E&O Hotspots

> Download slide presentation

There are many areas that pose a significant risk to agencies as they transact business that if not handled correctly,
can cause an E&O claim. This one-hour session, presented by Curtis Pearsall of Pearsall Associates, reviewed five key
areas agencies need to be on the lookout for and what agents should do to minimize the chances of an E&O
claim occurring.

Webinar: How to prepare for agency perpetuation

> Download slide presentation

How do you know when you are ready to perpetuate your agency? John Biasiello of Sukay Associates discusses the different stages of getting ready emotionally and financially as well as internal and external perpetuation options.

Webinar: Become an Acquisition Machine

> Download slide presentation

Lender interest rates remain historically low, alternative investments have been yielding poor results, and the P&C market is showing signs of improvement after a 4-5 year slump. All of this is combining to drive up competition. Some buyers are continuously closing deals while others are left in the dust. This webinar is for the latter and covers:

  • Where to find opportunities and how to win a bid
  • Questions to ask (or not to ask) before an offer
  • Elements of an offer
  • Conducting a thorough due diligence
  • What happens after the deal closes

Webinar: Evolve or Die - Recognizing Consumer Behavior to Survive

> Webinar video      > Download slide presentation

It’s a jungle out there. Agents need to evolve or die. More than ever before, current consumer behavior demands that agents adapt to the way consumers want to buy insurance, build relationships and communicate. Unless agents understand consumers' needs and desires and learn to create value, they will become extinct. During this session, Mike D'Arelli, Executive Director of American Agents Alliance, covered the following topics:

  • Embracing change and client behavior
  • Statistics of consumer behavior
  • Selling versus taking orders

Webinar: Building Value in Your Agency

Listen to recording    > Download slide presentation

As a follow up to our last Webinar, “The Exit Strategy: Selling your Insurance Agency,” Oak Street Funding and Agency Brokerage Consultants delivered a webinar focused on the topic of building and increasing the value of your agency.

  • Defining your marketing model
  • Building a sales culture
  • Creating a well-oiled machine
  • Managing your financial model
  • Seeing it in black & white – case studies of real world agency sale transactions

Webinar: 5 Steps Agents Must Take in Search Engine Optimization

View recording   > Slide presentation

  • What is SEO
  • Why agents must do SEO
  • What free tools are available
  • Tips on optimizing your content

Webinar: How Financial Professionals Can Harness
the Power of Social Media to Increase their ROI

> Webinar video > Slide presentation

In this increasingly competitive and fast-paced profession, if you want to attract quality leads and keep your business on the leading edge, a strong social media strategy is a must. Social media is fundamentally changing the way people communicate, and you cannot afford to be left behind. Social media strategist and expert Amy McIlwain shares her proven system and show you how to capitalize on the power and influence of social media:

  • Incorporate LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs, and Twitter into your marketing and communications.
  • Reach and communicate with your ideal audience—an audience already using technology.
  • Use the right marketing language developed specifically to insurance and financial professionals.
  • Position yourself as an expert and increase referrals, awareness, and retention.
  • Leverage all of these tools to earn more money and grow your practice.
  • Advance your brand with social media in a compliance-friendly manner.


NOTE: Potential borrowers are responsible for completing their own due diligence on acquisitions. California residents: Loans made pursuant to a Department of Corporations California Finance Lenders License. The materials in this paper are for informational purposes only. They are not offered as and do not constitute an offer for a loan, professional or legal advice or legal opinion and should not be used as a substitute for obtaining professional or legal advice. The use of this paper, including sending an email, voice mail or any other communication to Oak Street, does not create a relationship of any kind between you and Oak Street.