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Selling An Agency

Selling An Agency WhitepaperStrive to get the right price from the right buyer. Find tips to help you sell an insurance agency or book of business.
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Acquiring An Agency

Acquire and Grow WhitepaperMany acquisitions fail to meet buyer expectations. Find out what you can do to help ensure successful insurance agency acquisitions, including how to find the right agency to buy. Download whitepaper >

Buy Or Sell An Agency

Are you an agent looking to expand your agency business through an acquisition? Or perhaps you're a seasoned insurance agent getting ready to retire and sell your agency as part of a perpetuation plan. You can use our FREE Agency Exchange service to connect with insurance agency buyers and sellers in your area.  

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Agency Listings At No Cost

Oak Street's Agency Exchange allows you to list your agency for sale at no cost. We provide the marketplace where insurance agency buyers and sellers meet. This will allow you to advertise to thousands of potential buyers with no out-of-pocket expense. It is quick, easy and free.

Finding the right demographic to expand into will enable insurance agency owners to tap whole new markets.

Extensive Agency Exposure

Insurance agency owners can generate exposure to five times as many potential buyers as there are sellers. Listing your agency with us could produce multiple interests in or offers for your agency. We are constantly marketing on your behalf to drive traffic to this site.

  • Listings sent to thousands of prospective buyers each month
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  • AgencyExchange promoted via numerous marketing channels