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Loans for CPA practices

Where Do You Want to Take Your CPA Practice?

Borrowing funds can help practices pursue profitable opportunities throughout their life cycles, without draining liquidity or diluting equity. Whether you’re maturing by automating client services, contemplating growth by expanding to new specialties, restructuring business debt or pursuing other initiatives, you may need capital to meet your goals.

Oak Street Funding specializes in providing CPAs with financing based on their biggest asset – future fees. So you don’t have to borrow against your personal assets. From initial growth through the development and eventual divestiture of your firm, Oak Street partners with you to help:


  • Acquire a practice
  • Consolidate business debt 
  • Develop specialized services
  • Fund a partner buyout
  • Improve technology
  • Automate client services
  • Integrate compliance systems
  • Hire additional partners
  • Invest in marketing strategy
  • Initiate a succession plan

Why Oak Street Funding

Since 2003, financial services industry professionals across the United States have benefited from hundreds of millions of dollars in financing from Oak Street Funding, a direct, non-SBA lender. Our unique cash-flow analysis, fast turn times, CPA industry knowledge and innovative technology align to meet the growing demand for CPA practice financing.

Our borrowers enjoy doing business with us because we understand their unique needs and niche lending. In fact, many return for multiple transactions. Our borrowers also like that we own and manage their loan throughout its life cycle and they only deal with us. What’s more, we have the speed and flexibility of an entrepreneurial specialty lender with the financial backing of a bank.

CPA Practice Financing

  • Loans up to $2.5 million
  • Cash flow-based financing 
  • Flexible terms up to 10 years
  • Direct, non-SBA financing
  • Line of credit options
  • Quick, guided process
  • In-house loan processing and servicing
  • Loans are not sold to another organization

Uses of Capital

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Working capital
  • Partner buyouts/buy-ins and successions
  • Business debt restructuring

Learn More

To learn more about financing options for your CPA practice, contact Bruce Warren at or 317-428-3829. 

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