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Commercial Loan Servicing

Servicing Options

Boarding/Record Retention

With Oak Street Servicing, you get a seamless transfer of records, ease of access, a secure and stable collections platform with minimized documentation costs. 

  • Ability to store loan documents electronically
  • Automatic recording of payment history
  • Capacity to transfer borrower history to your systems

Billing/Payment Processing

Oak Street Servicing can provide you with back office savings, flexibility of payment approached while maximizing recoveries.

  • Daily bank activity import
  • Payment reconciliation with amount
  • Processing of loan payoff upon full payment

Collections/Risk Management

We customize collections to your risk levels, including setting up trigger points for consultation, regulatory compliance and trigger points that can be for when you want to be consulted.

  • Communication with the borrower when payment doesn't cover amount due or not received
  • Management to your risk levels, including borrower communications
  • Consultations with you regarding write-off
  • Access to Oak Street's legal network

Commercial Loan Servicing

Oak Street Funding provides exceptional servicing and administration of commercial niche loans. Our years of industry experience and extensive knowledge in risk assessment, valuation and strategy implementation will help you minimize your losses and maximize your recoveries.

With state-of-of the-art technology and low overhead, Oak Street Servicing can provide you with a reduction in the overhead cost and opportunity cost of maintaining internal resources to manage your assets. Oak Street’s robust analysis and reporting tools allow us to manage to your risk tolerance levels and drive debtor communications based upon those metrics.

Niche Loans

Oak Street has the experience and expertise to perform servicing for a number of niche loans types including:

  • Acquisition Financing
  • Accounts Receivable Financing
  • Cash Flow Lending
  • Future Commission Lending
  • Premium Financing