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Oak Street Chosen Best of Best

Oak Street Funding was chosen as one of the Best of the Best financial services companies to insurance agents and brokers by Insurance Business America Magazine (IBA). Read >

Agencies can grow with responsible debt

See average growth ratesAgencies can grow with responsible debt. See average growth for agencies that obtained a loan from Oak Street and how funds are most often used. See average growth rates >


Capital for Insurance Businesses

Get a loan to grow your agency business – to expand, invest in technology, pay off debt, acquire an agency, hire top producers or employees – without risking your customers or control of your business. See our product options to learn more about our commission based loans that help insurance agents, brokers and producers with the capital needed for business expenses, acquisitions, leveraged buyouts of agencies or individual books of business, and more.

Loan Servicing for Lenders

After years of servicing our own loans, we've developed excellent proprietary systems and processes. Now, we offer services to other commerical lending institutions. Oak Street Servicing® specialize in third-party loan servicing for banks and financial institutions.

We leverage proprietary technology and web-based reporting tools to maximize client visibility, control, and security over their asset portfolio. Our servicing system can be customized to support any loan structure and repayment terms. Learn more >

How Oak Street Helps

We work with retail agents, wholesalers, managing general agencies and program admistrators to structure financing that helps balance debt and liquidity. Oak Street provides the following:

> Loans and credit lines for retail agents

> Loans and credit lines for MGAs and brokers

Loans and credit lines for RIAs