You don’t always need an extensive or complicated plan in order to execute marketing activities for your agency. Marketing tactics need to do two major things: help attract new customers and help you maintain existing ones. Here are five simple things you can do to market your agency that don’t require a lot of time, money or expertise.

Increase daily contacts.

You can count on a certain number of client calls every day for a variety of reasons. They’ve traded in one car for another. They don’t remember when their premium is due. Their daughter just passed her driving test. Each of these calls is an opportunity to talk, ask questions and identify other potential needs. The big question here is, “How often do you call them?” Why wait for the phone to ring when you can cre­ate even more opportunities by making conversations happen. This may sound too basic, but it’s often neglected. Even if you just leave a message, you’ve touched a client and planted a seed. You’ve made them aware that you’re still in business, still their agent and still care. That will go a long way. And if you divide your entire client list, you may be able to reach every household each quarter, year or other timeframe just by making a few calls each day.

Use your data.

Comb through your data and find ways to identify needs and opportunities based on common characteristics. Clients within the same age band, for example, are likely to be in the same stage of life. Forty-somethings typically have teenagers who are getting ready to drive and will need insurance. Teenagers will need renter’s insurance when they head off to college, whether they live in an apartment or dorm. Once these groups have been identified, you can develop simple call scripts, emails or other communications to reach out to them. They’ll appreciate you helping them ensure their needs are met.

Send a printed newsletter or letter.

With software like Microsoft Word, it’s easy to develop a letter or newsletter you can mail to a large group of clients (if you follow the point above about data, you can create a few versions based on groups of clients). Come up with three or four main points that are relevant and informative and write a short paragraph for each. You don’t need to be clever or provide a lot of fancy graphics, just focus on what’s in it for the client and how you can help them. Share success stories or testimonials from clients you’ve helped. Always include a call-to-action for them to contact you or go to your website to get a quote or find helpful information.

Give a promotional product.

People are guilty of procrastinating or just getting busy. As a result, address­ing insurance needs is often pushed to the backburner or altogether forgotten. Sometimes it helps when people have a visual reminder. Consider sending your clients and prospects a magnet for their refrigerator or some other small but fun product that will keep your name in front of them. Just make sure there’s something about the product — whether it’s a catchy phrase or unique design —that will make them want to keep it. You can spend as little as one dollar to purchase something that may be very effective.

Provide inexpensive incentives.

Sometimes a small incentive is enough to get people’s attention and influence them to take action. Consider providing $5 or $10 gift cards for every quote you receive or request to evaluate current coverage. Alternatively, you can enter names in a drawing for a more substantial giveaway, like a $500 gift card or a computer tablet. Test a few options to determine what motivates people to respond to different promotions.

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