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Acquire/ Buy

Organic growth isn’t your only option. Oak Street Funding can help take your practice to the next level through an acquisition or merger. Acquiring another practice is a great way to grow and see quick results. However, it is very important to acquire only transparent sellers. The key to a successful acquisition is a thorough due diligence process. There are many types of acquisitions. For example, funds may be used to acquire either a book of business or an entire business. Funds may also be used to buy into a business, for example by purchasing a percentage of stock or other ownership interest. Have questions? Contact one of our loan experts to learn more.

Recruiting: tactics for adding talent

The business community’s appreciation for the value of what CPAs know has increased in recent years. That’s great news, except for those responsible for finding and hiring CPAs. With so many companies eager to put that financial brainpower to work, a highly qualified...

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Acquisitions can make your firm more diverse

One of the most basic pieces of advice most CPAs learn long before they take their first accounting course is “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Whether that came from your father when he told you to apply to more than one employer, or a guidance counselor who...

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CPA Practice Events

  • Rainmaker Superconference
    May 30-June 1
  • AICPA Engage
    June 11-14
  • 2018 MI CPA Business Show
    June 27-28
  • CalCPA CPE Week
    August 7-11
  • Texas CPA Expo
    December 7-8

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To learn more about financing options for your business, please contact one of our knowledgable experts. We can answer any questions you may have, and suggest the best route for moving forward. Email us below to begin the conversation.

Tina Nguyen, CPA

“Oak Street Funding has financed two loans for me, and we were able to close both within 30 days. I was very happy with the level of customer service provided by the team, and I received frequent updates regarding my loan status. I would definitely recommend Oak Street to others, and I look forward to working with them again in the future.”

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