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The following list of investment advisor resources was built through relationships with well-respected, hard-working, and successful professionals in the investment advisor industry. Please leverage any of these investment advisor resources as your working capital loan, acquisition loan, or succession loan needs require them.

Advisor Growth Strategies:
Provides custom business management solutions engineered for leading financial advisory firms through design, growth, and exit.  Contact John Furey to learn more.

Advisor Legacy:
At Advisor Legacy, your future is our priority. We specialize in helping advisers buy and sell a book of business and support our clients throughout every step of the transaction. With certified third-party business valuations, legal and lending support partners, and an experienced team of succession experts, we have helped hundreds of advisers successfully exit a firm or grow their firm through smart acquisition strategies. Access our free guide on “10 Steps Before You Buy A Practice” or contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our client reps.

DeVoe & Company:
Offers comprehensive valuation, strategy and M&A advisory services to help you accelerate the achievement of your business goals. Review the DeVoe RIA Deal Book™ – Q2 2018 to learn more about recent acquisition activity. Contact David DeVoe to learn more.

ECHELON Partners:
Provides FINRA-licensed investment banking and M&A services (through wholly owned broker-dealer), customized valuations appropriate for the particular situation, and management consulting for projects such as equity sharing, succession planning, executive compensation, shareholder liquidity and growth strategy.  Check out their 2018 RIA M&A Deal Report. Contact Dan Seivert to learn more at 888.560.9027.

FP Transitions:
Helps grow your financial services practice through valuation, continuity, succession, exit planning, buying and selling, and acquisition. Contact David Grau to learn more.

InCap Group, Inc:
Offers investment banking services to asset managers, wealth managers, securities brokers, and FinTech companies, including merger & acquisition advice, valuations, and strategic advice. Contact James Tennies to learn more.

Key Management Group:
Key Management Group is a comprehensive practice management consulting firm serving Ameriprise Advisors throughout every stage of their business. From starting a practice, to growing and then exiting the business, Key Management Group has everything you need to make smart decisions about your practice. Using our AIM Model, we help you assess your practice, identify focus areas, and match your needs with our services to create a customized solution that helps you meet your goals. Contact Key Management Group to schedule a free 30-minute consultation today.

Miller Canfield:
Attorneys Steven J. Rotunno, Esq. and Noël P. Goudreau, Esq. provide investment advisory services in the areas of mergers and acquisitions and succession planning.

Park Sutton Advisors:
Offers advisory services encompassing mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, strategic alliances, joint ventures, valuations and succession planning. Contact Steven Levitt to learn more.


Using technology to enhance the client experience

Using technology to enhance the client experience

Using technology to enhance the client experience Most of today’s successful businesses use technology to help them accomplish more in less time. And, in terms of technology, the past three decades have been particularly transformative in many ways. One particular...

Choosing Fixed- or Variable-Rate Business Financing

Choosing Fixed- or Variable-Rate Business Financing

Traditionally, commercial borrowers have had limited options in the type of financing available to meet their business needs. Whether the purpose was for business growth or simply boosting working capital, many lenders have not tailored their financial products to borrower’s requirements. For borrowers, that usually meant variable rates that were based off of benchmark indices such as the prime rate. Unfortunately, the inherent volatility of those indices often made it difficult to ensure cash flows are sufficient to repay your obligations.
Women Strengthen the RIA Industry

Women Strengthen the RIA Industry

Unfortunately, more often than not, buyers rush headlong into a purchase decision and either sabotage an opportunity to buy a great book of business, purchase the wrong book of business, or poorly manage the transition and lose clients in the process.