It’s the first quarter of the year…how is your business doing? Six months from now, do you think you will be on pace to hit your yearly goals or so far from achieving them you won’t be able to make up the distance in the half of the year? Many of the agents we have been talking to are not exactly where they want to be. I’d be willing to bet that even the ones who are producing at or above their goals would still like to refine their business formula to achieve more. But what makes the difference? Is it technology? Is it marketing? Is it people?

While technology is great and marketing can connect you to potential customers, one of the most valuable resources you’ll ever have is your team. It’s the first thing you should look at when comparing results to plan and the first thing you should focus on when things aren’t going as projected. Patrick Lencioni wrote a best-selling book several years ago called The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. In it he describes the most common reasons teams elude results and provides an assessment tool to assist you in determining which dysfunctions exists amongst your teams. The common dysfunctions include (1) Absence of Trust, (2) Fear of Conflict, (3) Lack of Commitment, (4) Avoidance of Accountability and (5) Inattention to Results. Chances are one or more of these dysfunctions may be present on your team. Those with the drive to succeed show willingness to address them head on and get their teams involved in creating solutions to overcome the dysfunctions standing in-between the agency and accomplishing their goals. Are you willing?

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