I recently read an anonymous quote which made me stop and think. And, with the pace of life today, it’s nice to have one of those every now and then. It said, “If you think what you have always thought…you will only get what you’ve always got.” This clever phrasing is a great way to challenge us on the way we go about our day, both personally and professionally. If you’ve ever wondered why you are not meeting your goals, why you are not excelling in areas you’ve spent a considerable amount of time and resources, or why you feel stagnant in achieving results, give it some thought. Are you approaching each task with the same mentality you’ve always had? Are you looking through the same lens you’ve used from the days before? If so, it may be time to change your lens. Said differently, the commonplace definition of insanity applies to us all. If we ‘keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results,’ we’ll be sadly disappointed. If, however, we can challenge our approach to each aspect of our Agency’s strategies or our own personal goals, we may just achieve more this year than we ever have before.

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