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How can Oak Street help CPAs buy or sell a practice?
What are some pitfalls to expect when growing through acquisition?
What is the underwriting process?

What determines your interest rate from Oak Street Funding?
What financial documents are needed to request a loan?
What are the requirements for borrowing from Oak Street?
What lending model does Oak Street use for acquisitions?
When should a business start the leadership succession process?
Why are some businesses unprepared for future perpetuation?
What do CPAs typically use loans for?
What are the differences between SBA lenders and non-SBA lenders, such as Oak Street?
What separates Oak Street Funding from traditional lenders?
How to Acquire Your First or Next Accounting or CPA Practice
In this webinar, Troy Patton, CPA, of Patton and Associates LLC, discusses various topics in-depth relating to acquisition, including valuation, the state of the market, pitfalls, contracts, financing terms, due diligence, and case studies.

Live Q&A with Oak Street Funding
Join Oak Street Funding CPA leaders and executives as they answer some of the most frequently asked questions our borrowers have regarding practice financing options, the state of the profession, and what it’s like to really work with us.

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