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Debt Restructure

Oak Street Funding specializes in providing the capital needed to expand insurance businesses, including acquisitions and leveraged buyouts. Adequate cash for such endeavors may or may not be a hindrance.

A capital management strategy involving responsible debt balanced with responsible liquidity is critical to success. Borrowing capital can help you create or maintain a ‘dry powder’ status for emerging opportunities yet not drain liquidity. Oak Street Funding lends to all types of insurance business across a diverse range of product lines. We provide capital for:

  • Wholesalers
  • Agents
  • MGAs
  • Program Administrators

Loan Products

  • Acquisition loans
  • Succession and recapitalization loans
  • Lines of credit and working capital
  • Interest only options
  • Realistic debt structures
  • Loan terms up to 12 years

MGA/Broker Loan Resources

Should you borrow to reach your goals?

For businesses that consider or choose to take on debt to implement growth initiatives, achieving the right balance between that debt and equity is important. Maximizing a company’s return on equity requires a certain amount of debt. Oak Street appreciates the need...

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Compete within the busy market of mergers and acquisitions

Relying solely on organic methods to achieve growth can sometimes prove challenging for the insurance industry on the whole. However, a Deloitte study1 predicts that activity within the mergers and acquisitions market will continue to stay strong — and even accelerate...

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Developing a roadmap for your business

Time flies. If we’re not careful, we’ll look up and an entire year will come and go in what seems like weeks. Unfortunately, we often only stop to reflect on progress and how well we’ve attained our goals when life-altering or business-altering events occur. It is...

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MGA/Broker Events


  • WSIA Leadership & Underwriting 
    April 11-14, AZ
  • Target Markets (Spring)
    May 7-9, MD
  • WSIA Annual Marketplace
    September 23-26, GA
  • Target Markets (Fall)
    October 22-24, AZ

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To learn more about financing options for your business, please contact one of our knowledgable experts. We can answer any questions you may have, and suggest the best route for moving forward.

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Rick Maldonado

"Industry knowledge was definitely an advantage to working with Oak Street. I'm more of a global conceptual person and I felt that start to finish it was well done. The niche you serve shows there's a lot of gray area but you explained things well."

Christian J. Henrich, Esq.

"What impresses me most about Oak Street is their fairness and willingness to creatively go the extra mile to ensure deals close. For example, all deal professionals have had to contend with the recalcitrant junior creditor that threatens to break a deal. Oak Street will listen, engage, and work harder than any senior lender in my experience to ensure that junior creditor does not hold the deal hostage. They are truly the borrower's partner."

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John Ridgway

"Extremely professional and courteous staff. From our first discussion through settlement, the responsiveness and thoroughness was fantastic. Your staff made this a great experience. Plan on recommending your firm to agents looking for funding because of my positive experience."

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