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The Bridge – Destination: Connection

In an ever-more technologically advanced society, we need to make sure that we enforce and enhance what makes us great at our jobs: relationships. Without the relationships we’ve built, all the advancements available to us through technology would be meaningless. As service professionals, how we conduct business has a lasting impression on our stakeholders, including customers, employees, and competitors.

For this season’s Bridge magazine, “Destination: Connection,” we focus on what each of us can do to improve the connections in our lives knowing that our success is determined by the strength of the bonds that we choose to build and maintain


Consolidating business debt can improve focus and growth

People talk about having the right idea as the key to a successful business, but sustaining a company such as an insurance agency really takes two things: an owner who’s willing put in a lot of effort and enough working capital to pursue opportunities. Working...

Competition: The Race Toward the Future

In the changing insurance marketplace, agencies aren’t simply competing against other agencies in the same city or town, or with the same product or service offering. Agency owners today must have the right business practices in place to compete on a national and even...

Refresh Your Network

Some people will tell you we’re more connected than we’ve ever been before, thanks to technology such as cellphones and social media. It’s a safe bet that you’re connected to many clients through Facebook®, LinkedIn®, Instagram®, and other platforms. But is your...

Managing the cost of disruption

From breakthrough technology solutions, to a tighter labor market, to all sorts of surprising competition, our industry is experiencing a period of unprecedented change. Many of these changes have such a dramatic impact on familiar business practices and environments...

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