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“Industry knowledge was definitely an advantage to working with Oak Street. The niche you serve shows there’s a lot of gray area but you explained things well.”

– Rick Maldonado

The Bridge – Destination: Connection

In an ever-more technologically advanced society, we need to make sure that we enforce and enhance what makes us great at our jobs: relationships. Without the relationships we’ve built, all the advancements available to us through technology would be meaningless. As service professionals, how we conduct business has a lasting impression on our stakeholders, including customers, employees, and competitors.

For this season’s Bridge magazine, “Destination: Connection,” we focus on what each of us can do to improve the connections in our lives knowing that our success is determined by the strength of the bonds that we choose to build and maintain.


The digital landscape is changing the customer journey.

Most insurance professionals have noticed a shift in how customers seek information and make buying decisions.  How you market your business in this new, electronic and fast-paced world can determine whether your company stands out among the crowd. Learn to adapt...

Fear of Change: Embracing New Ways for a Successful Future

As a business owner or decision maker, have you been stuck in the status quo? Have you been working in your business the same way you have for years? The market is changing, and so are your customers. The time has come to step out of your comfort zone and experiment...

Transforming into a data-driven business

Businesses that are striving to be innovative often embrace popular terminology. One concept that’s been receiving a great deal of attention is “data-driven,” as in a business that roots its operations and decision-making in solid data rather than subjectivity. There...

Planning Success

You’ve heard it a thousand times….if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. While cliché, it’s proven and still many businesses and even more individuals fail to plan. Planning is not only about defining a destination but planning in business equals results. Results...

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