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“Industry knowledge was definitely an advantage to working with Oak Street. The niche you serve shows there’s a lot of gray area but you explained things well.”

– Rick Maldonado

The Bridge – Destination: Disruption

As both professionals and consumers, we’ve all noticed a dramatic shift over the last few years in how individuals seek information and make buying decisions. How you choose to market your business, communicate with both prospects and customers alike, and generally adapt to this new digital era will determine the future success of your business. Disruption in the insurance industry is in full swing and it’s up to you to either forge ahead or be left behind.


Transforming into a data-driven business

Businesses that are striving to be innovative often embrace popular terminology. One concept that’s been receiving a great deal of attention is “data-driven,” as in a business that roots its operations and decision-making in solid data rather than subjectivity. There...

Planning Success

You’ve heard it a thousand times….if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. While cliché, it’s proven and still many businesses and even more individuals fail to plan. Planning is not only about defining a destination but planning in business equals results. Results...

Steep rise in Mergers & Acquisitions in 2018

According to the new U.S. Financial Services Deals Insights Q2 2018 report from PwC - the value of mergers and acquisitions in the insurance industry rose steeply for the first half of 2018. They reported 247 announced deals in the insurance sector with a total...

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