If you want true growth and a high performing business, you can’t afford to exhale and rely on a boost in rates to meet your goals.

If you are awaiting revenue growth before focusing on talent growth, you may find yourself in a case of “chicken or the egg.” Deciding which comes first can be difficult – but in order to stay ahead of the competition, spending time on developing high performing employees and recruiting talent is essential.  Start by rounding up your management team give them a score on categories such as reliability, ability to assume new responsibilities, need for direction, etc. Developing an action plan for each individual – whether that involves additional training, mentoring, or purging – will get you on the right track.

While considering how you can maximize the time and abilities of your current staff, consider how you may be able to diversify your offerings as well – potentially adding coverages for cyber, energy, employee benefits and other categories with continuously growing demand. Gather research on needed coverage and products, compile this information and identify real opportunities to expand. Tackling new products could be the perfect opportunity for employee growth and business growth alike. For sustainable growth that outshines your competitors in 2018, take initiative now.