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How it Works

Oak Street and First Franchise Capital™ loans are designed so that your business’ future cash flows – whether they are commissions, fees, store revenue or future receivables – support the repayment of the loan, with little out-of-pocket cash. This can be especially helpful when buying or selling a business since, in most cases, the cash flows from the business can be used as primary collateral for a loan.

Oak Street Funding and First Franchise Capital have established processes and technology to make obtaining a loan as simple and quick as possible. Once all of the requested forms and documentation have been received, loans may be closed in as little as three weeks.

Commercial loan applications – for banks or other lenders – traditionally require more documentation than consumer loans, so borrowers should expect to receive requests for documents beyond what they may customarily see with a home mortgage or personal line-of-credit. When you call or inquire about our unique financing options, we begin a 6-step process:


  1. A review of the details surrounding your revenue streams to be used as collateral for the loan will be conducted using your submitted application and related documentation.
  2. Loan terms and options are presented for your approval.
  3. Your Loan Coordinator will guide you in gathering documents needed by our underwriting team.
  4. Your Underwriter works quickly through the due diligence process and loan documents are prepared.
  5. Once the loan documents are signed and approved, we will fund the loan proceeds.
  6. Post funding, we will review your loan’s performance and reconcile statements as agreed upon in your loan documents.

Types of Loans

We understand capital needs are unique to your industry and your business goals. For this reason, our product availability and loan types vary by industry. We leverage our rich industry experience and proprietary technology to provide efficient funding experiences, well-structured transactions, superior portfolio management and ongoing sources of capital for growing organizations. Learn more about the types of loans Oak Street Funding and First Franchise Capital offer below:

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