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For what purposes does First Franchise Capital™ lend money?
  • Obtain Real Estate
  • Acquire Equipment
  • Remodel or Re-image
  • Finance Construction
  • Acquire Stores
  • Refinance Debt
  • New Store Development Lines
  • Restructure Ownership
How much do you lend?
  • Transactions range from $200,000 to greater than $30 million with syndication
  • Equipment loans can advance up to 100% of eligible costs
  • Real estate loans are based on eligible costs and appraised value
What are FFCC’s terms/rates?
  • 5-7 year term and up to 10 year amortization for equipment
  • 10 year term and up to 15 year amortization for ground lease properties
  • 10 year term and up to 20 year amortization for real estate
  • Fixed or variable interest rate set at closing
What is needed for collateral?
  • First lien on equipment, furniture and fixtures
  • First mortgage on real estate
  • Leasehold mortgages on ground leases
Who is eligible?
  • 5+ unit owner/operators
  • 3+ years of industry experience
  • Approved franchise restaurant concepts
Why First Franchise Capital Corporation?
  • Full array of loan products
  • Customizable financing up to $30 million
  • Franchise restaurant industry experience and expertise
  • Personalized client approach
  • Portfolio lender
  • Competitive fixed and variable rates
  • In-house loan processing, underwriting and servicing teams
  • Strong financial backing from our parent company, First Financial Bank
How do I start?
Contact us today. We will talk with you about your current business, discuss your future needs and show you how First Franchise Capital can help you achieve your goals.


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