July 17, 2018 (Indianapolis, Ind.) – First Franchise Capital ( visit www.firstfranchisecapital.com), a First Financial Bank company, has increased its lending limits to $30 million and can exceed this amount with syndication. Offering loans tailored to growth plans, First Franchise Capital allows franchise restaurant owners to leverage their investment to gain market share and reach their full potential.

“As the trend in the franchise restaurant market continues moving towards consolidation, our increased lending limits allow us to continue servicing our clients as they grow,” explained D. Scott Clarke, Chief Operating Officer. “And since we service our loans from processing to payoff, we are able to build quality, long-lasting relationships.”

First Franchise Capital has a wealth of niche lending expertise and understands the capital needs of franchise restaurant owners based on their business goals. Leveraging this rich experience and employing proprietary technology allows First Franchise Capital to provide efficient funding experiences, well-structured transactions, superior portfolio management and ongoing sources of capital for acquisitions, remodels, new store development and more.

About First Franchise Capital

Indianapolis-based First Franchise Capital (visit firstfranchisecapital.com), a First Financial Bank company, provides commercial financing for restaurant franchisees. First Franchise Capital utilizes industry knowledge, proprietary technology and passion to deliver top-quality service and capital products to franchise restaurant owners nationwide.