Gain Their Trust

What is the number one quality that people look for in any one individual…TRUST!  Trust for this purpose is defined as ‘reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.’

What is the number one thing we learned growing up? Always tell the truth. This was a big deal in my household growing up.  My mom would always say “Tell the truth so you don’t have to try and remember what you thought the truth was.”  Ingenious!!!  Let’s say your client/prospect has a certain deadline that they are telling you they need to meet and you know deep down that you cannot meet that deadline.  Go ahead and be truthful, most clients can handle bad news and they will appreciate your honesty.  Thus, building a good rapport and an understanding of trust which is invaluable.

What is my/our job as sales individuals?  It is our challenge to solve the problem that the client/prospect has….right?  We always need to seek the truth and follow the correct actions to do the best we can for that client.  The best way for us to seek the truth is to never stop asking the questions we know will uncover the true needs and pain points that the client has.  People enjoy telling their story to people, as they should.  So don’t ever worry about asking too many questions.

Always act like it is still the first time you are speaking with the client/prospect.  Not in the manner of just meeting them “how do you do,” but along the lines of acting like it was a first date per say.  Always on your best behavior and always thinking 1st impressions are everything.  Take a second and look back on your first year of where your career is today.  I bet more than likely you are remembering about how curious you were and how open you were to learning and development, as well as seeking advice from mentors.  Now, move up a few years… the curiosity still there?  Remember curiosity is what keeps the drive alive!

Always be a resource for others.  Our clients/prospects always have a lot of needs but seemingly very little time.  Take the time to meet with your peers who have different expertise than yours so that you are always taking something away that can be applied to a client.  Make sure you do what you say and “Walk the Talk.”

Trust is a very simple technique to learn, its applying it to make it a priority that the client will recognize.  This is the first step in becoming a trusted advisor.

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