July 11, 2018 (Indianapolis, IN) – Oak Street Funding and First Franchise Capital, First Financial Bank Companies, have launched six enhanced proprietary websites in response to their continued growth. These dynamic sites are not only more visually appealing but they also deliver on the companies’ value proposition by providing information to clients that will help them to evolve their businesses.

“We have seen strong growth in the number of industries we serve, so it was essential to further enhance and develop our websites in order to meet the needs of all of our clients,” explained Sharon Robbins, Chief Marketing Officer for Oak Street Funding and First Franchise Capital.

The Oak Street Funding website (www.oakstreetfunding.com) provides information on a full array of loan products for Insurance Businesses, Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs), Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and Indirect Auto Dealerships. The First Franchise Capital website (https://firstfranchisecapital.com) allows franchise restaurant owners to explore loan products for acquisitions, remodels, new store development and more.  The Oak Street Servicing site (https://www.oakstreetservicing.com) provides information on third-party loan servicing for multinational bank portfolios and backup servicing to securitized portfolios.

In addition to these sites, four enhanced “Exchange” sites will allow those interested in buying or selling Insurance Businesses, RIA firms, CPA practices or Franchise restaurants to search or list firms for sale at no cost. This complimentary service provides nationwide exposure for sellers as well as a free, no obligation resource for those looking to acquire. Buyers can participate in a Buyer Directory or simply search the site’s current listings.

The Exchange sites are as follows – Insurance Businesses (https://www.osfagencyexchange.com), RIA firms (https://riafirmexchange.com), CPA practices (https://cpapracticeexchange.com) and franchise restaurants (https://sellbuyfranchise.com).

“We are very excited about our new websites as they align with our focus on business segments,” expressed Rick Dennen, President and CEO of Oak Street Funding and First Franchise Capital who was very involved in the vision behind the design of the new sites. “I believe the new functionality will provide a simpler yet more robust experience for our current clients as well as those looking for a loan product to support acquisitions, successions, business debt restructure or provide working capital to enhance marketing, technology, expansion and more.”

About Oak Street Funding and First Franchise Capital

Indianapolis-based Oak Street Funding (https://www.oakstreetfunding.com), a First Financial Bank company, provides commercial financing for financial service businesses, restaurant franchisees through the First Franchise Capital (https://www.oakstreetfunding.com/restaurant-franchise-financing) brand and third-party loan servicing for financial institutions. Oak Street Funding and First Franchise Capital utilize industry knowledge, proprietary technology and passion to deliver top-quality service and capital products to finance services professionals and franchise owners nationwide.