I’m a big fan of the book Good to Great, by Jim Collins. In fact, I’ve place a good deal of its findings in how I personally approach work, and Oak Street has embraced many as well. One of the most consistently applied comes in our hiring approach. Collins compares an organization to a bus, noting you have to have the right driver for success and you have to have the right people on the bus to help reach the destination. In times of growth, when we need to hire people faster than we’d like, it is important to ensure our new staff are the right people for the Agency. Do they have the same fundamental values? Do they share the same drive and work ethic? Do their goals overlap with the Agency’s goals? If the answer is no – keep looking. One of the worst things you can do is invest time and resources into a new hire that you have doubts about. If the answer is yes, bring them aboard the bus. You may have to work to find the right seat, but if they are the right person for the bus, they’ll add value no matter where they sit.

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