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“One of the few sources for an insurance agency in securing a loan when acquiring a book of business. Oak Street is a trusted financial partner who understands the insurance business.” – Richard Morache
“Industry knowledge was definitely an advantage to working with Oak Street. The niche you serve shows there’s a lot of gray area but you explained things well.” – Rick Maldonado
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For our first funding, we gave Oak Street Funding a difficult deadline to close in three weeks…most lenders would not be able to do this, but Oak Street made it happen. – Craig Rumler
With banks, you tell them you have $150M in managed assets and they look at you like you’re speaking French.  [Oak Street] knows our industry and how to value those assets. – Joshua Harmon
The process was easy, and the team was very flexible and responsive. We have already completed a second funding and plan to continue to work with Oak Street on future financing projects. – Craig Rumler
It’s hard to truly understand what we, as business owners, are doing, and what I was trying to achieve from a capital infusion. So I appreciate Oak street Funding being instrumental in completing this. – Anonymous RIA
I would absolutely recommend Oak Street Funding to a colleague if their needs align. I would push for them to talk to Oak Street. I don’t know anyone else who loans on cash flow. – Ron Brock
Correspondence was very easy. Oak Street Funding had a very logical approach about analyzing risk. It was a great process. – Joshua Harmon
The process was really well done. I was very pleased. I didn’t know I would need to borrow money, since the need came up late in the game, so the turnaround time was impressive. – Doug McVey
Oak Street Funding has financed two loans for me, and we were able to close both within 30 days. I was very happy with the level of customer service provided by the team. I would definitely recommend Oak Street to others. – Tina Nguyen, CPA
“I have used First Franchise Capital for years, and they always provide excellent service. First Franchise Capital understands the restaurant business, and I appreciate their commitment to develop the exact loan package I need.” – Dawn Lafreeda, Denny’s®
“We’ve been with First Franchise Capital for many years. The communication is very transparent and the lending process is pretty simple. There’s not a lot of turnover so you have the same contact person which allows you to build a strong relationship.” – Peggy Hunt, Papa John’s®
“My experience was tremendous. It’s not often lenders exceed expectations, but First Franchise Capital provided a simplistic approach to financing and my loan was funded quicker than originally estimated.” – Angelo Freites, Checkers®