I recently read an article on www.iamagazine.com that really caught my eye because it related to not only myself, as a Senior Loan Officer at Oak Street Funding, but to most of the Insurance Agents that I talk to on a daily basis. You have to realize the day in age we are in right now and the type of technology we have access to in our everyday lives as consumers. I would guess that 9 out of every 10 people (in my opinion) have a smart phone, tablet, or iPad available to them at any second of the day. This means that businesses, including insurance agencies, need to adapt to the new technologies and life styles our customers have and look at every day. Digital Marketing is an extremely useful and most of the time inexpensive marketing tool that can bring tons of success to an agency and their future growth. Oak Street Funding has been extremely successful with digital marketing and with the marketing contents that we send out by allowing us the ability to see who opened what items and what items have been a success for future uses from the agents we reach out to. This can be easily done by the largest and smallest agents and agencies all across the United States for usually a pretty low amount for startup compared to physical mailers. The one thing with digital marketing that is a “must” in order to be successful is the “drive” factor that draws the customers attention and wants them to explore more into your products and products.

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