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New Player in RIA Funding Challenges Live Oak 
October 3, 2018
From: Wealth Management

Madison Street Capital Acts as Exclusive Financial Advisor to Infiniti HR, Arranges $4.3M Growth Capital Facility with Oak Street Funding
July 18, 2018
From: Markets Insider

Identify Your Ideal Clients and Over-Deliver on Your Service Promises
May 29, 2018
From: Rough Notes

Finding the Right Partner to Fund RIA Growth
May 8, 2018
From: SmartBrief

Do Potential Buyers Find Your Agency Attractive?
Spring 2018
From: Exclusive Focus

Take the Initiative and Dig Deep into Three Elements of Your Business
February 26, 2018
From: Rough Notes

Failing to Keep Pace with the Times Will Result in Defeat
December 27, 2017
From: Rough Notes

Yes, Baby Boomers, the Millennials are Knocking at Your Door
October 26, 2017
From: Rough Notes

Due Diligence is a Critical Component of Acquisitions
September 21, 2017
From: Rough Notes

SWOT Analysis is a Powerful Tool for Identifying and Resolving Problems
July 27, 2017
From: Rough Notes

A Developed Plan and the Right People are Just a Few of the Key Elements
May 31, 2017
From: Rough Notes

Put this Trend to Work and Build Volume and Profits
February 27, 2017
From: Rough Notes

Are You Ready for the Next Step? What is Your Exit Strategy?
November 7, 2016
From: Rough Notes

Like Routine Car Maintenance, Don’t Put Off Making Any Plans, Decisions or Changes to your Agency
September 16, 2016
From: Rough Notes

Preparing For The Right Exit 
July 2014
From: IBA Mag

Should You Take on Debt to Grow?
February 2014

Financing sooner or later? 
December 1, 2013

Agents must heed their own advice and plan for the future: Succession Planning
November 1, 2013

Interview: Oak Street Funding’s Rick Dennen 
October 30, 2013
From: PIA West

Good Alignment Between All Parties Benefits Agency Buyout
October 21, 2013
From: Insurance Journal West

Simple Strategies for Agency Growth
August 2013
From: PIA National

Get the Expected Return on Agency Growth Investments
August 2013
From: NAPAA: Exclusive Focus Summer 2013

Should You Take on Debt to Grow?
July 14, 2013
From: PIA West Newsletter

To form a more perfect union: What Independence Day can teach us about succession
July 1, 2013

Simple Strategies for Agency Growth
May 28, 2013
From: PIA West Newsletter

Capital Shouldn’t be Obstacle to Growth in 2013
Winter 2013
From: NAPAA-Exclusive Focus

Insurance Agencies at Risk of HIPAA Violations
March 15, 2013
From: Westlaw Journal

The Bottom Line on Cash Flow
March 1, 2013 —Reprinted with permission from PIA Management Services Inc.—
From: PIA Ohio Publication

The Right Motives for Acquisitions
March 1, 2013
From: PIA of North Carolina

2013 Should be a Good Year to Borrow
January 14, 2013
From: PIA National

Thinking of an M & A?…2 Questions First
December 11, 2012
From: National Underwriter P & C 360

2013 Should be a Good Year to Borrow
December 1, 2012
From: Rough Notes-December Issue

The Five Critical Cs of Acquisitions
November 1, 2012
From: NAPAA-ExclusiveFocus

Selling your agency sooner or later? Start Planning Today
September 1, 2012
From: PIA – Mainstreet Weekly Industry News

Planning to Sell Your Agency
September 1, 2012
From: PIA Wisconsin

Don’t Allow Debt Aversion to Stunt Business Growth
August 2012
From: NAPAA-Exclusive Focus

Succession Planning: The best time to start linking your agency to the future is now
August 2012
From: RoughNotes

Plan today to sell your agency
July 25, 2012
From: Professional Insurance Agents

How to avoid common legal pitfalls when selling or buying an insurance agency
June 22, 2012
From: Westlaw Journal

5 Keys to Buyer’s Due Diligence
April, 2012
From: Underwriter’s Insider – April 2012

Is this the year for agency acquisitions?
March 12, 2012
From: National Underwriter – March 12, 2012

Manage Your Agency for Growth
March, 2012
From: Professional Insurance Agents – March 2012

Where Will Your Agency Take You?
September, 2011
From: ExclusiveFocus – Fall 2011

4 Steps to a Solid Marketing Plan
June 22, 2011
From: National Underwriter/PropertyCasualty360 – June 22, 2011

Buy, Expand, Sell: What’s Your Best Strategy for Success?
January 1, 2010
From: Agent Sales Journal

What you should know before selling your agency – August 2008
August, 2008
From: PIA Insider

Discovery Enhances Oak Street Funding’s Marketing Efforts 
January 7, 2008
From: Discovery Database

Oak Street Funding Gets $260M in Loan money – August 2006
August, 2006
From: National Underwriter

Protect Your Agency’s most Valuable Asset – August 2006
August, 2006
From: Life & Health Advisor

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