Oak Street Funding® Convenes CPA Advisory Board

Oak Street Funding® (https://www.oakstreetfunding.com), a First Financial Bank company, recently brought together an Advisory Board comprised of leaders in the CPA space. The purpose of the CPA Advisory Board was to explore what the future will hold for practitioners and to gain a better of understanding of the profession’s capital needs and the design of lending products that would best meet these needs, now and in the long run.

As with many financial service businesses, the CPA profession is experiencing unprecedented change. From technological advances and tax reform to servicing an aging population and staffing that requires the successful blending of a multi-generational workforce, it is vital that Oak Street Funding stays in front of the issues in the profession to meet the specific needs of CPA practices/professionals.

“At Oak Street Funding, our value proposition is to be a knowledge leader as well as a capital financing partner to our clients,” explained Kirsten Petras, Executive Director of Sales for Oak Street Funding. “It is our goal to help CPA practices to better understand how they can use debt to support growth through acquisition and book of business transactions.”

“The CPA Advisory Board members were extremely candid and insightful about trends in the profession and in the analysis of the types of products that would be most beneficial to both new and existing clients –whether they are looking to acquire, sell or otherwise invest in their business,” stated Rick Dennen, a licensed Certified Public Account and President and CEO of Oak Street Funding.

Oak Street Funding has dominated lending in service oriented industries for years. As a non-SBA, portfolio lender, with experts in the CPA profession on staff, Oak Street Funding is able to provide lending solutions as high as $20MM without requiring personal assets for collateral.

About Oak Street Funding 

Indianapolis-based Oak Street Funding (www.oakstreetfunding.com), a First Financial Bank company, provides commercial financing for financial service businesses, restaurant franchises through the First Franchise Capital (firstfranchisecapital.com) brand and third-party loan servicing for financial institutions. Oak Street Funding and First Franchise Capital utilize industry knowledge, proprietary technology and passion to deliver top-quality service and capital products to finance services professionals and franchise owners nationwide.