Oak Street Funding® (visit the page at www.oakstreetfunding.com), a First Financial Bank company, announced today that its survey of 8,000+ CPA firms will soon be completed. “This is not just a poll,” according to Oak Street Funding’s CEO, Rick Dennen – who is a CPA himself, “but a means to gather, and eventually share information about a highly-regulated industry whose owners have unique problems, opportunities and an ever-changing environment. We are asking them about how they are planning to diversify, grow revenues and what problems are keeping them up at night. We’ve found the information to-date fascinating.”

Oak Street has a reputation of always being more than just a lender, utilizing data across various verticals to identify and meet the demands of its customers. Oak Street supports CPA firms as they move through the maturation of their business, regardless of where they are in the business cycle by providing advice, white papers, webinars led by industry-known leaders as well as financial support. “We are not at all like other lenders who, fund ‘em and forget ‘em,” Dennen went on to say. “We don’t just have clients, we have relationships and the knowledge gleaned from this survey will be shared, on a macro level of course, with all of them.”

While working in public accounting himself for over 10 years, Dennen has had CPAs on staff since 2003. Oak Street Funding is a thought leader and industry advocate to CPA’s nationally. While other lenders are exiting the industry, Oak Street is already seen as a top, national lender for CPAs, RIAs, and insurance professionals. Oak Street uses technology and data to stay in tune with its target industries and shares this knowledge with all industry professionals.

While there is a significant amount of CPA Research and new data, including self-learning for CPAs, most of it focuses on recent graduates’ experience, industry innovation or limited questions on top issues. “It is Oak Street’s intent to combine the classroom with the real world and provide our clients with the best options for their success,” Dennen stated. “That’s what we do.”

The survey is in progress and CPA firms are still welcome to participate. Participants will be the first to receive survey results which will close September 30, 2017.

About Oak Street Funding 

Indianapolis-based Oak Street Funding (visit the page at www.oakstreetfunding.com), a First Financial Bank company, provides commercial financing for financial service businesses, restaurant franchises through the First Franchise Capital (visit the page at firstfranchisecapital.com) brand and third-party loan servicing for financial institutions. Oak Street Funding and First Franchise Capital utilize industry knowledge, proprietary technology and passion to deliver top-quality service and capital products to finance services professionals and franchise owners nationwide.