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Advisor Growth Strategies:
Provides custom business management solutions engineered for leading financial advisory firms through design, growth, and exit.  Contact John Furey to learn more.

DeVoe & Company:
Offers comprehensive valuation, strategy and M&A advisory services to help you accelerate the achievement of your business goals. Review the DeVoe RIA Deal Book™ – Q2 2018 to learn more about recent acquisition activity. Contact David DeVoe to learn more.

FP Transitions:
Helps grow your financial services practice through valuation, continuity, succession, exit planning, buying and selling, and acquisition. Contact David Grau to learn more.

Miller Canfield:
Attorneys Steven J. Rotunno, Esq. and Noël P. Goudreau, Esq. provide investment advisory services in the areas of mergers and acquisitions and succession planning.

Park Sutton Advisors:
Offers advisory services encompassing mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, strategic alliances, joint ventures, valuations and succession planning. Contact Steven Levitt to learn more.


Can you ever get ahead of technology?

Colin Randall* is frustrated. His firm’s clearing partner just updated its software suite, and Colin discovered that the earlier version of Windows on three of the five computers in the firm’s office are incompatible. Terry, his friend who runs the local computer...

Are you creating a legacy or capital?

Are you creating a legacy or capital? As a longtime partner in your RIA firm, you’re proud of your professional expertise and what you’ve been able to accomplish. Whether you took the step of becoming a partner to have a bigger say in how your clients are served, to...

Are you ready for disruption and correction?

If you’ve been an RIA for any length of time, you know your clients well. The day after the Dow takes a 500-point dive, your phone is ringing off the hook as you walk into the office. She’s terrified. Does this mean she’s going to lose her life savings? Should he take...

How is your communications strategy?

In the ever-more-competitive financial services market, most RIAs are constantly looking for whatever will give them an edge over their competitors and keep clients from moving on. Some will share new insights others will add new lines of financial products, while...

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