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“I used First Franchise Capital for two reasons – they provided a customized product that fit my business needs, and my regional vice president was attentive and helpful. The loan process was seamless, and I would go back to First Franchise Capital for future capital.”
–Gregory Nigro, Dunkin’ Donuts®
“My experience was tremendous. It’s not often lenders exceed expectations, but First Franchise Capital provided a simplistic approach to financing and my loan was funded quicker than originally estimated.”
-Angelo Freites, Checkers®
“I have used First Franchise Capital for years, and they always provide excellent service. First Franchise Capital understands the restaurant business, and I appreciate their commitment to develop the exact loan package I need.”
-Dawn Lafreeda, Denny’s®
“Working with First Franchise Capital was a very pleasant and smooth experience. My Regional Vice President was knowledgeable of the franchise industry as well as our financial situation, and we built a relationship from the very beginning.”
-Nick Hishmeh, Domino’s®
“They helped me by refinancing a few existing loans that had higher interest rates and small business loans with liens on personal properties. What I like most about First Franchise Capital is how they work with me to make a complex process as easy as possible.”
– Sattar Shaik, IHOP®
“We’ve been with First Franchise Capital for many years. The communication is very transparent and the lending process is pretty simple. There’s not a lot of turnover so you have the same contact person which allows you to build a strong relationship.”
-Peggy Hunt, Papa John’s®


You are a thriving entrepreneur. A go-getter. Someone who deserves success. First Franchise Capital™ can help you achieve your goals with a loan to propel your business – leverage your investment to gain market share, be a leader in your community, and build a legacy.

Why First Franchise Capital?

  • Full array of loan products
  • Customizable financing up to $30 million
  • Franchise restaurant industry experience
  • Personalized client approach
  • Portfolio lender
  • Competitive fixed and variable rates
  • In-house loan processing, underwriting and servicing teams

Our loans are tailored to your growth plans and provide you with the opportunity to reach your full potential. First Franchise Capital will not only be your financial partner to fund your current needs, but also as you continue to strategically expand and evolve your business.



Whether you are acquiring new stores or buying out a partner, we have tailored financing solutions that will help take your business to the next level.


Remodels, refreshes and re-imaging are a way of life in the franchise restaurant industry. Rather than paying out of pocket, let us customize a line of credit or development loan to fit your needs.


When you are ready to expand your network through new store development, we can help. Finance your project from the ground up with a real estate loan for the land and building and an equipment loan for the FF&E, all tailored to fit your business.


Take a look at your debt schedule. Do you have high interest rate loans in a low interest rate environment? Do you want to re-amortize your debt to lower your monthly payment? Talk to us about a refinance – refinancing your debt can lower your interest rate and improve cash flow.


We know that frequent equipment upgrades are required as a multi-unit operator. Since purchasing equipment for multiple stores can strain your cash flow, let us help you finance your restaurant equipment needs.


If you are interested in owning the land and building for your restaurant, we offer real estate and ground lease loans with terms up to 10 years and amortizations up to 20 years.


Bill Nicholson

Bill Nicholson

Executive Director of Sales


Adam Pleva

Adam Pleva

VP of Franchise Sales


Peter Austin

Peter Austin

Regional Vice President


Jackie Sliva

Jackie Sliva

Regional Vice President


Cabell Finch

Cabell Finch

Regional Vice President


Alan Paterson

Alan Paterson

SVP, Chief Credit Officer


Jon McClure

Jon McClure

Regional Vice President



Denny's Annual Convention

Date: September 17-20
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Attendees: Cabell Finch

Checkers/Rally's Convention

Date: September 17-21
Location: Chicago, IL
Attendees: Adam Pleva, D. Scott Clarke, Bruce Hostetler

Dunkin' Donuts Convention

Date: September 24-27
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Attendees: Adam Pleva, D. Scott Clarke

Wendy's Convention

Date: September 25-27
Location: San Antonio, TX
Attendees: Peter Austin, Jon McClure

Arby's Convention

Date: November 3-6
Location: Nashville, TN
Attendees: Cabell Finch, Jackie Sliva, D. Scott Clarke

National Burger King Meeting

Date: November 11-13
Location: Orlando, FL
Attendees: Jon McClure, Bill Nicholson

Restaurant Finance & Development Conference

Date: November 12-14
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Attendees: Peter Austin, Jackie Sliva, D. Scott Clarke


To learn more about financing options for your business, contact one of our knowledgeable experts. We can answer any questions you may have, and suggest the best route for moving forward.

Contact us to begin the conversation.


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