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Sell/ Succession

You’ve worked hard to build and sustain your business. Oak Street Funding can help your legacy live on while you enjoy a well-earned retirement. Our succession loans allow incoming owners to borrow against the future fees of the practice. They provide ownership opportunities for CPA professionals and the possibilities of a continued legacy for exiting CPA owners.

A succession or management recapitalization loan can assist in the transition of the business to the next generation. It can also be used to buy out an existing partner to restructure the ownership and maintain stability.

CPA practices often rotate in new equity partners while others are exiting, typically due to retirement. In order to buy in or join the partnership, the employee needs to make an injection of equity into the practice’s capital account. Our loans may be customized for this purpose.

A typical phased approach is illustrated by the following example:

How to get in on conversations about succession

It’s been said that if you don’t make a plan, the world will make one for you. That’s especially true when it comes to your career. If you don’t approach your work with goals and a way to get there, you’re leaving the future in the hands of your employer and the...

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Recruiting: tactics for adding talent

The business community’s appreciation for the value of what CPAs know has increased in recent years. That’s great news, except for those responsible for finding and hiring CPAs. With so many companies eager to put that financial brainpower to work, a highly qualified...

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“Oak Street Funding has financed two loans for me, and we were able to close both within 30 days. I was very happy with the level of customer service provided by the team, and I received frequent updates regarding my loan status. I would definitely recommend Oak Street to others, and I look forward to working with them again in the future.”

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