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Sell/ Succession

You’ve worked hard to build and sustain your business. Oak Street Funding can help your legacy live on while you enjoy a well-earned retirement. Our succession loans allow incoming owners to borrow against the firm’s future fees. They provide ownership opportunities for RIA professionals and the possibilities of a continued legacy for exiting owners.

A succession or management recapitalization loan can assist in the transition of the business to the next generation. It can also be used to buy out an existing partner to restructure the ownership and maintain stability.

A Phased Approach

A typical phased approach is illustrated by the following example:

How It Works:

  • The firm obtains a succession loan.
  • Loan proceeds are used by incoming ownership to repurchase the existing owner’s stock.
  • Equity is redistributed among succession owners.
  • Loans can be structured as a one-time event or a multiple-year transaction and buyout.

Good reasons to always be acquisition-minded

You may not remember the 1992 movie “Glengarry Glen Ross,” but you’ve probably heard Alec Baldwin character’s admonishment to his sales team: “always be closing!” For today’s mid-sized and larger RIA firms, a better piece of advice is “always be acquiring!” It makes...

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SBA funding for RIAs may not be the best choice

An RIA ready to pursue a growth strategy will probably need some degree of outside funding. And since most RIA firms view themselves as small businesses, they may assume the best source is a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan obtained with the help of a local...

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Are your firm’s clients going gray?

There’s a funny thing about high school and college reunions: when we arrive, we’re shocked at how old everyone looks. We can pretend we’re not aging, but we can’t escape the fact that we’re growing a little older every day. Retirement may not be in our immediate...

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RIA Firm Events

  • The MarketCounsel Summit
    December 2017

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Craig Rumler, COO, Bloomfield Hills Financial

“For our first funding, we gave Oak Street a difficult deadline to close in three weeks and their team did a super job of identifying what we needed to provide to get the deal done – most lenders would not be able to do this, but Oak Street made it happen. The process was easy, and the team was very flexible and responsive. We have already completed a second funding and plan to continue to work with Oak Street on future financing projects.”

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