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Our franchise restaurant expertise and relationships give us a unique understanding of your business and capital needs. The First Franchise Capital® Treasury Management Solutions Team builds on this expertise and aligns First Financial Bank’s best-in-class and customizable Treasury Management solutions designed specifically for your business:

User-friendly Online Banking:  FirstNavigator is a straightforward portal that allows for easy access to real-time transaction information, customized reporting, and secure funds transfer abilities all in one place.

Easy Cash Concentration Solution:  Designed for operators with multiple bank relationships, our online module allows for a quick and easy concentration of funds into your primary bank.

Effective Payment and Collection Methods:  From automated payment originations to faster receivables processing, streamline your payments and receivables processes to effectively optimize your treasury operations.

Fraud Protection Services:  Our services provide protection that helps to monitor for suspicious transaction, detect fraud, safeguard your accounts and prevent security threats.

Positioned for Growth:  As your business grows, we have the technical knowledge, experience, capabilities, and infrastructure in place today to serve you tomorrow.

Whatever your business needs…

We’ll get you there.

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