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Our franchise restaurant expertise and relationships give us a unique understanding of your business and capital needs. The First Franchise Capital® Treasury Management Solutions Team builds on this expertise and aligns First Financial Bank’s best-in-class and customizable Treasury Management solutions designed specifically for your business:

User-friendly Online Banking:  FirstNavigator is a straightforward portal that allows for easy access to real-time transaction information, customized reporting, and secure funds transfer abilities all in one place.

Easy Cash Concentration Solution:  Designed for operators with multiple bank relationships, our online module allows for a quick and easy concentration of funds into your primary bank.

Effective Payment and Collection Methods:  From automated payment originations to faster receivables processing, streamline your payments and receivables processes to effectively optimize your treasury operations.

Fraud Protection Services:  Our services provide protection that helps to monitor for suspicious transaction, detect fraud, safeguard your accounts and prevent security threats.

Positioned for Growth:  As your business grows, we have the technical knowledge, experience, capabilities, and infrastructure in place today to serve you tomorrow.

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Apps for Franchise Management

Apps for Franchise Management

Running a franchise business is more time-consuming than non-owners realize, and one of the biggest reasons is the amount of time involved in hiring and managing employees. Fortunately, a wide variety of apps and software can help you simplify or automate many of the...

The Importance of Self-Reflection Part 2

The Importance of Self-Reflection Part 2

In part one of our two part series of self-reflection, we discussed that self-reflection is an important exercise for your employees. In Part 2, we discuss how to do self-reflection. The importance of personal goals In simple terms, self-reflection will help employees...

The Importance of Self-Reflection Part 1

The Importance of Self-Reflection Part 1

Do your employees enjoy their work? Are they genuinely happy when they walk into one of your locations? Is their life turning out to be what they envisioned? Does each day help them grow into the person they want to be?
Is delivery a necessary survival strategy for franchisees?

Is delivery a necessary survival strategy for franchisees?

Is delivery a necessary survival strategy for franchisees? The never-ending tension between restaurant brands and the franchisees who serve the brands’ customers has gained another sore point in recent months as chains enthusiastically embrace third-party delivery...

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