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Live Q&A with Oak Street Funding

Join Oak Street Funding CPA leaders and executives as they answer some of the most frequently asked questions our borrowers have regarding practice financing options, the state of the profession, and what it’s like to really work with us.

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How to Acquire Your First or Next Accounting or CPA Practice

In this webinar, Troy Patton, CPA, of Patton and Associates LLC, discusses various topics in-depth relating to acquisition, including valuation, the state of the market, pitfalls, contracts, financing terms, due diligence, and case studies.

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Are you creating a legacy or capital?

As a longtime partner in your CPA practice, you’re proud of your professional expertise and what you’ve been able to accomplish. Whether you took the step of becoming a partner to have a bigger say in how your practice serves its clients, to gain a greater reward for...

A simple map for partner buy-ins

A simple map for partner buy-ins Typically, CPA firms devote a great deal of thought to partner retirements. That’s no surprise, given that most CPAs work hard throughout their careers to ensure they are able to make the most of their post-retirement years. But it’s...

Mandatory buyouts: when it’s time for a partner to go

We all like to think that we’ll know when it’s time for us to walk away from work for good. In fact, many of us are so eager for the things we’ll be able to do when we retire that we look forward to it. Some obligatory lunches with longtime colleagues, transition...

Should you finance buyouts with capital or outside financing?

Traditionally, when a partner of a CPA practice is ready to walk away for retirement (or is being eased out the door), the other partners have essentially shared the financial burden by dipping into the practice’s capital and at least temporarily reducing the value of...

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