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Q&A: Capital Options for Insurance Businesses
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Watch an audience driven discussion that addresses the common questions insurance agency owners have about how to fulfill their unique capital needs. Presented by Scott Stars, our Senior Sales Manager who works with his loan officer team daily to ensure insurance agency’s working capital, acquisition and succession needs are met.

Maximizing LinkedIn for Prospecting
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It is no secret that the power of social media continues to disrupt even the most seasoned of professional’s prospect pipeline management strategies. Today, top agents and brokers have learned the secret to harnessing the power of LinkedIn to drive traffic, build lists, and stimulate growth.

In Digital Marketing – Maximizing Your LinkedIn Success, participants will learn the value of social media and how LinkedIn may play a key role in any prospect pipeline strategy.

Join us as Matt O’Neil, Director of Creativity for Beyond Insurance, teaches you how to:
• Understand the role social media plays in effective prospecting
• Leverage LinkedIn to find new prospective clients
• Effectively navigate LinkedIn for sales

Trends & Traits of Successful Agencies
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Discover key management principles that help agencies thrive. Agency Brokerage Consultants, a broker with a strong history of arranging M&A deals for the insurance industry, will share best practices for maximizing your money, marketing, sales, people and processes. Understanding keys to success can help you prepare for the next step in the business planning process: Analyzing Your Agency.

Building Your Referral Network… 10 Proven Steps to Networking Success
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Learning how to connect is one of the most important skills you will ever learn. Effective networking is not about serving yourself. Rather, finding ways to make other people more successful. Successful professionals understand that real networking is about generosity, not greed. It is about giving before you receive. Learning how to help others succeed is the key ingredient in the networking process.

The Realities of Selling Your Agency to a Large Buyer

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Planning to sell your agency? Listen to a Q&A session – The Realities of Selling to a Large Organization. You’ll hear valuable insight from a former successful owner who, prior to a merger, grew his agency by 800% and received several awards from multiple insurance agencies and associations. He will share his real-world experience selling to a large organization. Does he have any regrets? These questions (and more) will be addressed:

  • What are the most important characteristics a seller should look for in a buyer?
  • How does selling to a large organization affect the owner? Clients? Employees?
  • What is one thing owners can do in advance to prepare for selling that they may not have considered?
  • What are the pros and cons of selling to an aggregator?
Keys to Successful Agency Management
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Whether you’re a new or experienced agency principal, this high level discussion on agency management will deliver applicable tips to help your business thrive. Our presenter, Mike Mensch of Agency Brokerage Consultants, will cover a full gambit of key areas so you won’t want to miss this presentation. Topics include:

  • Financial Management
  • Marketing
  • Hiring and compensation
  • Sales and processes


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