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Using Debt to Grow Your Business – A Lender’s Insight

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Listen to a 30 minute webinar presented by First Franchise Capital™ that will address the most common questions restaurant franchisees have about how franchise lenders look at deals.

Past Monthly Webinars

Using Debt to Grow Your Business - A Lender's Insight

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Listen to a 30 minute webinar presented by First Franchise Capital™ that will address the most common questions restaurant franchisees have about how franchise lenders look at deals.

Offering Attractive Employer Provided Health Benefits

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Do you offer health benefits to your employees? With the increasing health insurance costs, are you looking for new ways to offer competitive employee benefits?

This webinar is presented by Michael Haffey from Gravie, a company that assists employers – including franchisees – in providing better health solutions that control spend, provide more choice and eliminate hassles. During the webinar, Haffey discusses options other than group health insurance, mitigation or elimination of employer mandate penalties, subsidies and/or tax friendly employer provided dollars and defined contribution health plans.

Grow Your Franchise Restaurant Business

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Understanding when it’s time to expand your business and the keys to success can help you better prepare for the next step in your franchise growth. Not only do you need to consider the financial requirements, but staying compliant with your obligations as a franchisee is vital.

Franchise experts Lynette McKee and Fred LeFranc from Results Thru Strategy, a strategic advisory firm that specializes in the restaurant industry, discuss the following in this webinar: When is it time to expand your franchise restaurant business?; How do you manage the process with corporate – who owns the key to allowing growth and what are the requirements?; What questions should you be asking?

Unveiling the Secrets Behind Your Credit Score


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Ever wonder why the credit score a lender receives isn’t the same as what you just received off of one of the free credit report sites? Why do the 3 main credit reporting agencies never have the same score – sometimes even up to a 100 point difference? How can you ensure you’re maximizing the key factors that drive the credit reporting agency’s scoring models?

If you’ve ever been shocked by a lender telling you your score isn’t quite what you thought it was, then you are not alone. Millions of Americans, even those within the finance/lending world that routinely deal with credit, are often left wondering how and why their score is what it is. Understanding how to maximize your credit score will have a long lasting impact on just about every facet of your life now and in the future. Those that chose to ignore it and hope that all is well are almost always certain to pay significantly more, sometimes totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars over their lifetime.

SWOT Analysis

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A SWOT analysis can be a major contributing factor to the success of your vision and strategy. It can provide a foundation to a solid business plan. The Faurote Group, a consulting firm that’s been instrumental in helping organizations grow, explains a proven, step-by-step process to help determine the state of your business. This webinar will give you valuable insight in preparing for the next step in the business planning process.

The strategies behind refranchising

Over the past few years, many of the larger restaurant chains have reduced the percentage of their company-owned locations by selling them to franchisees. During 2017, such refranchising was common in our industry. For example, McDonald’s® was wrapping up its...

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Invest in remodeling today, boost sales tomorrow

There’s a reason most major franchise chains have initiated redesign programs in recent years. Consumers are more fickle than ever, and they’re drawn to the newer and shinier. If the restaurant down the street looks fresher and brighter, they’ll have a competitive...

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Holiday preparation: plan for insanity, reap extra profits

Franchise owners often have a love-hate relationship with the holiday season. On the “hate” side comes a crush of business from impatient customers who want to get their orders and get back into the stores. They can be brash, they can be rude, and they can push your...

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Restaurant Franchise Events   

  • Pizza Hut Convention
    May 2-4 in San Antonio, TX
  • Domino's Worldwide Rally
    May 15-17 in Las Vegas, NV
  • Dunkin' Brands Lender's Meeting 
    May 22-23 in Canton, MA
  • Denny's Annual Convention
    September 17-20 in Las Vegas, NV
  • Dunkin' Donuts Convention
    September 24-27 in Las Vegas, NV
  • Wendy's Convention
    September 25-27 in San Antonio, TX
  • Hardee's Convention 
    October 8-10 in Washington D.C.
  • National Burger King Meeting 
    November in TBD
  • Restaurant Finance & Development Conference
    November 12-14 in Las Vegas, NV                                                           

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Christopher Johnson, Burger King®



Nick Hishmeh, Domino’s®

"Working with First Franchise Capital was a very pleasant and smooth experience. My Regional Vice President was knowledgeable of the franchise industry as well as our financial situation, and we built a relationship from the very beginning. I have no complaints with my experience, and I would definitely do business again with First Franchise Capital if a need arises in the future.”



Angelo Freites, Checkers®

“My experience was tremendous. It’s not often lenders exceed expectations, but First Franchise Capital provided a simplistic approach to financing and my loan was funded quicker than originally estimated. I highly recommend First Franchise Capital to small and large franchisees that need funding to continue their growth.”



Dawn Lafreeda, Denny’s®

“I have used First Franchise Capital for years, and they always provide excellent service. First Franchise Capital understands the restaurant business, and I appreciate their commitment to develop the exact loan package I need.”




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Don, Multi-Unit Panera Bread® Franchisee


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