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Live Q&A with Oak Street Funding

Join RIA leaders and Oak Street Funding executives answer some of our most frequently asked questions our borrowers have regarding firm financing options, the state of the industry, and what it’s like to really work with us.

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Navigating Purchase Price in Advisor Acquisitions
Learn about purchase price considerations, common valuation methodologies, offset and adjustments to purchase price, and tax allocation issues in the webinar presented by Noël P. Goudreau, Esq. of Miller Canfield.


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Valuation & Deal Structure in the RIA Industry
Acquisitions in the asset and wealth management industry has pick up considerably, but reaching an agreement on valuation has never been easy. To learn more about valuation, view our webinar, “Valuation & Deal Structure in the RIA Industry” with Steven Levitt of Park Sutton Advisors and Chris Frieden of Alston & Bird.

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Mergers and Acquisitions in the RIA Industry
We hear and read about best practices for successful mergers and acquisitions, but what is the process really like? Join us for “Mergers & Acquisitions in the RIA Industry” with Steven Levitt of Park Sutton Advisors.

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Are you creating a legacy or capital?

Are you creating a legacy or capital? As a longtime partner in your RIA firm, you’re proud of your professional expertise and what you’ve been able to accomplish. Whether you took the step of becoming a partner to have a bigger say in how your clients are served, to...

Are you ready for disruption and correction?

If you’ve been an RIA for any length of time, you know your clients well. The day after the Dow takes a 500-point dive, your phone is ringing off the hook as you walk into the office. She’s terrified. Does this mean she’s going to lose her life savings? Should he take...

How is your communications strategy?

In the ever-more-competitive financial services market, most RIAs are constantly looking for whatever will give them an edge over their competitors and keep clients from moving on. Some will share new insights others will add new lines of financial products, while...

Building culture when M&A is your growth driver

Guest blogger: Augustine Hong The current pace and the number of mergers and acquisitions are reshaping the financial services industry. The pursuit of scale, for many smaller firms, is not an option but rather a necessary response to the shrinking market share and...

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