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Working Capital

Unlike a traditional bank that provides small business loans and commercial loans to all types of businesses, Oak Street Funding makes loans exclusively to insurance agents and brokers. We have provided loans to insurance agents, brokers and MGAs worth hundreds of millions of dollars. As a result, we have a great understanding of the insurance marketplace and insurance agencies and can quickly evaluate and structure agency loans.

Oak Street Funding is a direct lender and handles its loan processing in-house. This means your business loan is never sold to another finance company or bank. We own and manage the loan throughout its lifecycle and you only deal with us. For more information, see answers to our frequently asked questions.

Loan Products

Standard Loan

  • Consolidate outstanding revolving business debt into one monthly payment and begin reducing the balance immediately.
  • Receive fully approved financing amount at closing.
  • Begin amortizing the principal balance immediately.

Interest-Only Loan

  • Take advantage of low monthly payments for the first year to help increase cash flow when it’s most helpful.
  • Receive fully approved financing amount at closing.
  • Begin amortizing the principal balance after one year of interest-only payments.

Succession Loan

  • A Succession & Recapitalization Loan from Oak Street Funding can offer new possibilities for sellers, buyers and employees. Learn more

Lines of Credit

  • Have approved financing secured in order to complete potential future transactions quickly and efficiently.
  • Obtain an initial advance in any amount between 50% and 100% of approved financing. Additional advances can be requested at any time during the interest-only period.
  • Begin amortizing the principal balance after interest-only period expires.
  • Take advantage of principal balance reduction, down to 50% of the approved financing, penalty-free during the interest-only period.
Women Strengthen the RIA Industry

Women Strengthen the RIA Industry

Unfortunately, more often than not, buyers rush headlong into a purchase decision and either sabotage an opportunity to buy a great book of business, purchase the wrong book of business, or poorly manage the transition and lose clients in the process.
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Williams Joins Oak Street Funding as CMO

Williams Joins Oak Street Funding as CMO October 3, 2019 (Indianapolis, Ind.) – Oak Street Funding®, a First Financial Bank company, has hired Iliana Williams as Chief Marketing Officer. Williams was selected after an extensive search process and will replace Sharon...

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Insurance Agency Events

  • Big I California
    May 4-6 Riverside, CA
  • PIA Indiana
    May 11-12 Indianapolis, IN
  • TWFG
    May 2017 The Woodlands, TX
  • FAIA
    June 6-8 Orlando, FL
  • PIA Ohio
    October 2017, OH
  • BIG I Illinois
    October 3-5 Tinley Park, IL

Learn More

To learn more about financing options for your business, please contact one of our knowledgable experts. We can answer any questions you may have, and suggest the best route for moving forward.

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Valarie J. Gavin



“This was the most organized and smooth process of a loan I have ever experienced. Everything went as I was told. We did not go back and forth on needing any other docs other than listed in the beginning. Thank you for such a smooth process.”

Allan Boyd

“We can’t say enough positive things about the personal touch and individualized service and attention we received. Commercial bankers could learn a thing or two from Oak Street! THANK YOU to all of you for making one of my dreams come true.”

Richard Morache

“One of the few sources for an insurance agency in securing a loan when acquiring a book of business. Oak Street is a trusted financial partner who understands the insurance business for the independent agency owner.”

Robert Jandrain

“I found the entire experience better than I had expected. Everyone was pleasant to work with and it was much less complicated than one would have thought. Not only would I recommend Oak Street Funding to anyone in need a financing but I will also you them for any future finance needs for my agency.”

Matthew Chavez

“The thing most notable about working with Oak Street was your knowledge of the industry, like ‘pledging future commissions as collateral’. You are in the business, which was invaluable. Compared to our external lenders (or attempts with those lenders) it was night and day. We looked at 8 lenders total throughout the process. Two were VC and 6 were local banks but primarily lending institutions and to be able to talk about carriers and contracts with Oak Street without getting the ‘deer in headlights’ look…you get it! From my perspective as a small owner…again, it was just invaluable.”

Justin Honey

“Loan process was thorough and actually helped me get an even better picture of my cash flows and revenues throughout the process.”

John Ridgway

“Extremely professional and courteous staff. From our first discussion through settlement, the responsiveness and thoroughness was fantastic. Your staff made this a great experience. Plan on recommending your firm to agents looking for funding because of my positive experience.”

Debbie Moore

Have questions? Talk with our experts for more information.