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Business Debt Consolidation Loan

Business debt consolidation loan can improve your company’s cash flow

If you want to improve cash flow by combining multiple types of debt or replace high-interest debt, a debt consolidation loan from Oak Street Funding makes it easy. As businesses like yours grow, they often take on multiple types of debt, such as credit-card purchases and equipment loans, which typically have high interest rates. By restructuring your debt, you can replace all of those high monthly payments with a single payment.

Oak Street Funding’s debt consolidation options are designed around the needs and realities of your business:

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Financial Solutions

Oak Street Funding’s business debt consolidation loan can help you simplify your monthly payments and improve cash flow. We provide:

  • Loans & Lines of Credit
    Let us help you decide if a loan or a line of credit is best for you and your business
  • Customized Capital Solutions
    By offering loans up to $30MM, Oak Street Funding is well-capitalized to meet your specific needs
  • Flexible Structures
    Our cash flow lending structure allows you to leverage recurring revenue streams as collateral
  • Adaptable Terms
    With terms of up to 10 years, your loan can be customized to fit your requirements
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Ready to take the next step?

Ready to take the next step?

Since 2003, businesses like yours have grown thanks to hundreds of millions of dollars in business debt consolidation loans from Oak Street Funding, a direct, non-SBA lender.