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Testimonial: The Benefits of Debt Funded M&A Growth

Oak Street Funding helped Rob Santos of Arrowroot Family Office practice M&A growth without losing equity. Hear his story to learn more.

Cybersecurity Awareness for your Business

Smart businesses are aware they are under attack at all times. They also have plans in place to reduce their fraud risk. While mitigation practices are nearly endless, there are four main categories of risk to be aware of.

Testimonial: Growing Through M&A

Oak Street Funding helped Richard Braun of Choice Insurance Agency scale and grow through acquisitions over a few years. Hear his story to learn about his growth trajectory and more.

Testimonial: Growing Through Acquisition

Oak Street Funding helped Matt Sackett and the team at DOXA Insurance Holdings grow and scale through the years. Hear how Matt was able to grow through a strategic acquisition plan.

New, Simplified Partner Buy-In Financing for Your Firm

Oak Street Funding provides conventional lending expertise to CPA firms who want to add partners to their firm.

New, Simplified Partner Buy-In Financing For Your Partnership

Congratulations on becoming a partner at your firm! Oak Street Funding has created a unique partner buy-in financing solution, tailored to you and your firm with attractive rates and low fees, all part of our low stress financing process.

Debt Consolidation & Refinancing

When is the right time for debt consolidation or refinancing? The answer from Rick Dennen, Founder & CEO, might surprise you.

Diversifying Revenue Streams

In about 60 seconds, Rick Dennen, Oak Street Funding Founder and CEO, will discuss what to focus on as you look to expand your business.

Managing Cash Flow

In this episode of On Point, Rick Dennen, Founder and CEO of Oak Street Funding, talks about how managing cash flow is one of the most important things you do, especially during market downturns.

Startup Equity: Choosing the Right Partner

The first part of the 5-part series with Rick Dennen discusses startup equity, and what to look for in a partner.

Debt vs. Equity: Which is Better?

The second part of the 5-part series with Rick Dennen discusses the positives and negatives of debt and equity.

Loan Structuring: Terms and Purpose of the Debt

The third part of our 5-part series with Rick Dennen discusses the importance of understanding loan structuring.

Types of Business Ownership

The fourth part of the 5-part series with Rick Dennen discusses different types of business ownership.

Returns on Capital Investment

The final part of the 5-part series with Rick Dennen discusses what impact a capital investment can have on your business.

Testimonial: Continued Partnership

Oak Street Funding supported Cresset through providing capital for their extensive growth. Hear from Chris Boehm as he talks about Cresset's growth.

Testimonial: RIA Firm Partnership

Listen to James Loftin, CEO of GER Loftin Wealth Advisors, LLC, share his experience working with Oak Street Funding.