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Loans for Your Company's Next Stage

If the next step for your business involves an ownership transition, turn to Oak Street Funding for a succession loan or a partner buy-in loan focused on your needs. Whether you’re financing a business partner buyout or buying into a partnership, we’ll help you fulfill the transaction with a loan based upon the future cash flow of your business. Loans can be structured as a one-time event or multiple-year partner buyout or buy-in.

Financial Solutions

Oak Street Funding’s succession loan and partner buy-in loan are financed against future income. The succession loan makes it possible to fund an existing partner buyout. We provide:

Let us help you decide if a loan or a line of credit is best for you and your business.

Oak Street Funding is well-capitalized to meet your specific needs.

Our cash flow lending structure allows you to leverage recurring revenue streams as collateral.

With terms of up to 10 years, your loan can be customized to fit your requirements.

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Succession or Partner Buy-In Financing FAQs

Why should I do business with Oak Street Funding?

Since 2003, Oak Street Funding has been committed to working as a specialty lender to select cash-flow businesses – Investment Advisors, Accountants, Insurance Professionals, and BHPH Dealerships – using a relationship-based service model. For these businesses, we provide customized loans to meet almost any business need. With an exceptional customer satisfaction rating, measured by a Net Promoter Score, we deliver for our clients and provide:

  • Strength & Stability With 20 years of lending experience across various market cycles, we have proven to be a dependable, non-SBA capital provider.
  • Industry Expertise Our lending team comprises dedicated experts with extensive experience in evaluating our select cash-flow businesses. They leverage the in-house expertise of our underwriting, legal, and servicing departments to ensure a streamlined and efficient loan process.
  • Personalized Solutions At Oak Street Funding, we understand that one-size-fits-all solutions don't work all businesses. We take a personalized approach to lending, tailoring loan structures and terms to your specific needs. This flexibility extends beyond the loan itself. We can also adapt our processes to fit your deal timeline, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience from application to closing.
  • Simplified Loan Management – Our secure, mobile-friendly ePortal, MyStreet, puts you in control of your loan every step of the way. Conveniently check your loan application status, make payments, upload documents, download reports, and manage all your loan information – all from a single, user-friendly platform.
  • Local Decision Making – Unlike some lenders who rely on external partners, we maintain a fully in-house team encompassing every stage of the loan process, from initial sales contact to dedicated loan servicing. This ensures consistent communication, streamlined workflows, and access to underwriting, legal, and servicing specialists all under one roof. The result? A faster, more efficient loan experience for you.
Is Oak Street Funding a direct lender?

Yes, we are a direct, non-SBA specialty lending company. As a direct lender, Oak Street Funding provides you with the speed and efficiency of working directly with the decision-makers.

How do I go about getting a succession or partner buy-in loan?
  1. Explore Eligibility: Review the loan options on our website to see if your business is a good fit for our financing solutions. We specialize in serving Investment Advisors, Accountants, Insurance Professionals, and BHPH Dealerships businesses.
  2. Contact Us

There are a few ways to initiate the loan process:

  • Get a Quote Online: Fill out the quick form on our website, and a representative will contact you within 24 business hours to discuss your needs.
  • Call Us Directly: Speak to a member of our lending team by calling (866) 625-3863.
  • Text Us: Send "START" to (317) 854-5146 to begin a text conversation about your loan options.
  1. Apply Through MyStreet: Our secure online portal, MyStreet, simplifies the application process. You can upload documents, track your application status, and manage your loan information – all in one place.
  2. Dedicated Support: Throughout the process, you'll benefit from the expertise of our in-house loan specialists. They will work with you to understand your business and tailor a financing solution to meet your specific goals.

Embark on a successful loan journey with valuable insights from our Director of Underwriting in this podcast episode. They share key tips to set your business up for success.

What is the succession or partner buy-in loan process at Oak Street Funding?

The typical loan process at Oak Street Funding includes six phases:

  • Assessment – A dedicated Loan Officer will schedule a meeting to discuss your specific business goals and answer any questions you may have. This initial consultation helps us determine if our loan products are a good fit for your needs. If so, you'll be guided through the application process.
  • Application – Choose between a convenient online application or a paper form and submit initial documentation to assess whether a term sheet – a non-binding letter of intent which summarizes the important financial and legal terms as well as the amount of the loan and its repayment – can be issued.
  • Processing – Once a term sheet is agreed upon and a deposit is received, you'll submit all required loan documents through our secure MyStreet loan platform.
  • Underwriting Review: Our experienced Underwriting team will analyze all documentation and information. They may contact you for any missing details to ensure a smooth approval process.
  • Closing – After final review, you'll sign the loan documents, finalizing the agreement.
  • Funding – Upon successful closing, your loan funds will be disbursed in a timely manner.

After you receive the funds, a dedicated customer-service representative will handle your account. You will always be able to reach your assigned representative in whichever manner is best for you, such as phone, email or text. If you prefer to self-serve, you can also check the status of your loan or obtain additional information on our secure, MyStreet portal.

How long will it take to put my financing in place?

All decisions are made by the Oak Street Funding team which allows us to expedite the process for our borrowers. The amount of time required to complete the business lending process depends on the timeliness of information provided by you and any respective parties to the transaction. Once all required documents are in, the approval process can be completed in as little as four weeks. More complex transactions may take longer to close.

What are the rates, fees and terms on my succession or buy-in loan?

Rates (based on the applicable United States Treasury based rate), fees, and terms of our loans vary depending on the particular business situation. At Oak Street Funding, our in-house lending experts review each loan application and provide a customized financial structure for every situation. We are a relationship-based business that believes our value is more about our deep expertise, partnership and servicing we provide, evident by the fact that many of our customers are repeat business and provide strong referrals.

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Since 2003, businesses like yours have grown thanks to hundreds of millions of dollars in succession loans and partner buy-in loans from Oak Street Funding, a direct, non-SBA lender.

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