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Beyond Underwriting: Strategy and Insights

Join Oak Street Funding's Director of Underwriting, Rob Roach, and VP of Sales, Adam Farag, for this month's webinar. They will answer your questions as they delve into the world of underwriting and provide valuable insights on market trends and their impact on company strategy, financial services industries, and underwriting decisions.

June 14, 2024



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Uncover M&A Possibilities: Bridge Loans and Deal Creativity

Join Adam Farag, VP of Sales at Oak Street Funding, and Rob Madore, VP of Financial Advisory at MarshBerry, as they discuss the current market environment and its impact on sellers and buyers, bridge loans, dividend recapitalizations, and deal makeup.

Unlock Market Opportunities: Strategies for Growth & Funding

Join Marc Chandler, Chief Market Strategist at Bannockburn Global Forex, and Alicia Chandler, President of Oak Street Funding, as they discuss the current market environment, business outlook for 2024, and more.

Successful Insurance M&A in 2024

Watch Chris Hughes, Managing Director at Merger & Acquisition Services, and Kim Grathwohl, VP of Strategic Markets Sales at Oak Street Funding, as they discuss valuation methodology, deal structures, the current market environment, and more.

Tax Implications in 2024

Register to hear from Steve Blake, Managing Director at CBIZ Somerset, and Rob Roach, Director of Underwriting at Oak Street Funding. They will discuss tax law changes in 2024, running efficient businesses, and understanding the market.

2024 Outlook: Conversation with a CEO

Watch Rick Dennen, Founder and CEO of Oak Street Funding, as he provides a 2024 outlook. Rick will be answering your questions from the year about market instability, developing and implementing a 2024 strategy, tips for growth, and details about our loan products.

Business Agility: Thriving in Changing Markets

In this webinar, Rick Dennen, Founder and CEO of Oak Street Funding, and Paul Lally, Principal at Wipfli, discuss how you can navigate changing markets to grow and strategize by leveraging technology to improve your talent management, employee retention and recruitment, and operating agility.

How to Grow Your Financial Advisory Firm in Turbulent Times

Watch Alicia Chandler, President of Oak Street Funding, and Taylor Adkins, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at UPTIQ, as they discuss growth during difficult seasons and maintaining that growth mindset throughout the years.

Winning Strategies To Maximize Your Agency Value With Legacy Advisors

We often hear people ask, "What is my agency worth?" But is that the right question to be asking? Join Scott Stars, VP of Strategic Market Sales at Oak Street Funding, and Max Olson and Mike Almberg, Partners at Legacy Advisors, as they urge you to instead ask yourself, "How can I make my agency worth more?"

Building Your Wealth Advisory Firm's Acquisition Strategy

Join Oak Street Funding's Adam Farag, VP Strategic Markets Sales, and MarshBerry's Vice President, Rob Madore, as they discuss evolving market conditions, creating a robust acquisition strategy that includes your financial preparedness, and considerations for completing the transaction.

Mid-Year Review: Market Update and Underwriting Outlook

Get an exclusive look back at the year so far with Founder and CEO, Rick Dennen, and Director of Underwriting, Rob Roach. From banking and market turmoil to the interest rate environment and talent shortages, they'll provide insightful commentary. They'll also provide an outlook for the rest of the year, offering valuable advice on how to set yourself up for a successful 2023, even in the face of turbulence.

Panel Discussion with Bristal Lane

Susie McEuen, VP Strategic Markets Sales, brought Bristal Lane, a business consulting firm, to speak on a panel. The panelists discuss current trends, growth strategies, and how to stay compliant focusing on what advisors can do to maintain growth.

Making a Succession Plan: Our Story

In 2021, Rick assumed the position of Chief Corporate Banking Officer at First Financial Bank, which created an opportunity for someone to fill the role of president at Oak Street Funding. Alicia Chandler was promoted from Chief Legal Counsel to President of Oak Street Funding in July of 2022. In this webinar, Rick and Alicia will share succession and transition insights from their own experiences with helpful tips for our audience.