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Oak Street Funding has financed two loans for me, and we were able to close both within 30 days. I was very happy with the level of customer service provided by the team. I would definitely recommend Oak Street to others. – Tina Nguyen, CPA


As a CPA, you are a part of one of the most trusted and ethical professions, and your clients rely on you to help them achieve fiscal responsibility and you work tirelessly with them to analyze their assets and navigate the countless rules and regulations.  You help them achieve their dreams.  But don’t forget about your own. What are your goals? Do you want to:

  • Enhance your clients’ experience with better service or more options?
  • Challenge your professional growth?
  • Retire comfortably by 2030?
  • Be your own boss?

Oak Street Funding can help you achieve your goals with a loan to propel your business.  With an infusion of capital, you can leverage the funds to gain a competitive advantage, build a legacy, and ignite future success. We’ll get you there.


With an anticipated 41% of CPA firms planning to acquire another firm this year*, there is no denying that acquisitions are a great way to increase practice growth beyond organic means. Acquisition loans can be used to:

  • Purchase another practice’s business
  • Expand into new markets
  • Quickly increase enterprise value
  • Purchase stock or ownership interest

ver your acquisition plans, we’ll get you there.

*The 2017 INSIDE Public Accounting Benchmarking report
Over a quarter (28%) of firms plan to retire at least one partner this year.* Existing owners can ensure your legacy will continue as you enter retirement, and new partners can afford to buy-in with a succession loan. Succession loans can be used to:

  • Transition the practice to the next generation
  • Buy out an existing partner
  • Avoid tapping into practice assets

We use a phased approach for succession loans:

How it works:

  1. The practice obtains the succession loan
  2. Loan proceeds are used by incoming ownership to repurchase the existing ownership interest
  3. Equity is redistributed among succession owners
  4. Loans can be structured as a one-time event or a multiple-year transaction

Whatever your succession plans, we’ll get you there.

*The 2017 INSIDE Public Accounting Benchmarking report
92% of firms expect to add FTE staff over the next several years.* Your CPA practice has working capital needs, and a loan can help give you the boost you need to continue to provide exceptional service to your clients.

  • Working capital loans can be used to:
  • Launch an new initiative
  • Invest in a marketing strategy
  • Automate client services or upgrade technology
  • Hire additional staff or train existing staff
  • Purchase a new office or update your current space

Whatever your working capital needs, we’ll get you there.

*The 2017 INSIDE Public Accounting Benchmarking report
A debt restructuring loan can consolidate existing loans, reduce debt obligations, clean up your balance sheet, and improve liquidity.

  • Debt restructure loans can be used to:
  • Pay off a bank lien or seller’s note
  • Free up revolving business lines of credit
  • Qualify for additional borrowing
  • Achieve more favorable financing

Whatever your debt restructure needs, we’ll get you there.


Kirsten Petras

Kirsten Petras

Executive Director of Strategic Markets Sales

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Brian Henson

Director of Strategic Markets Underwriting

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Bruce Warren

VP of Strategic Markets Sales

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Adam Farag

VP of Strategic Markets Sales

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