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Indirect Automotive Dealership

Indirect Auto Loans

Are you a Buy Here – Pay Here auto dealership? Do you need access to capital to support your growth? Oak Street Funding provides loans for captive finance companies supported by auto loan receivables. We can help you achieve your goals with a business loan to help you maximize your cash flow.

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  • Flexibility to Grow

    Obtain capital based on your biggest asset – future revenue – which gives you the flexibility to grow regardless of where you are in your business life cycle.

  • Control of Your Time Horizon

    We customize financial solutions and have flexible loan terms, so you can take charge of how you want to manage your business finances.

  • Aligned with Your Business Model

    Our unique cash-flow analysis, fast turn times, industry knowledge and innovative technology are aligned to how you run your business.

  • Freedom to Reinvest

    Interest only loans are available to allow you to free up capital and invest in your business today in order to grow tomorrow.

  • Smart Borrowing for Your Future

    Our loans fit your business needs and are non-SBA so you can keep personal and business assets separated.

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Indirect Auto Products

Oak Street Funding’s indirect auto loans can be used by captive Buy Here – Pay Here auto finance companies as a revolving line of credit for:

    Accounts receivable financing
    Acquisition of used vehicle inventory
    General corporate purposes