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Loans to Transition to Independence

If your dream is to manage your book of business at your own firm, take advantage of Oak Street Funding’s transition loan. We can help you turn your dream into a reality with options designed around the needs of your business.

Financial Solutions

Oak Street Funding’s business debt consolidation loan can help you simplify your monthly payments and improve cash flow. We provide:

Let us help you decide if a loan or a line of credit is best for you and your business.

By offering loans up to $30MM, Oak Street Funding is well-capitalized to meet your specific needs.

Our cash flow lending structure allows you to leverage recurring revenue streams as collateral.

With terms of up to 10 years, your loan can be customized to fit your requirements.

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Why should I do business with Oak Street Funding?

In today’s marketplace, you have a lot of financing options available to help grow your business. Some financial providers are now leveraging “bots”, driven by artificial intelligence, or an “app” to provide funding to businesses. At Oak Street Funding, we leverage the latest technology to help run our business and provide our customers with convenience in how we service their loans, with proprietary technology such as our MyStreet™ loan portal. However, what separates us is our belief in human connection and providing in-person lending expertise, throughout the process and even during the life of servicing your loan.


Since 2003, Oak Street Funding has been committed to working as a specialty lender to only select cash-flow businesses – Investment Advisors, Accountants, Insurance Professionals, Energy Providers, and Indirect Automotive Dealerships – using a relationship-based service model. For these businesses, we provide up to $30 million dollars in customized loans to meet almost any business need. With an exceptional customer satisfaction rating, measured by a Net Promoter Score, we deliver for our clients and provide:

  • Expertise – with decades of experience and knowledge in capital solutions for niche audiences, we specialize in tailoring to your unique needs and understand not one-size fits all.

  • Peace of Mind – we are well-capitalized to meet your lending needs regardless of where you are in your business life cycle.

  • Smart Borrowing – our loans, up to $30 million dollars, are customized to fit your business needs and are non-SBA so you can keep personal assets separated from your business.

  • Transparency – stay connected and informed throughout the loan process with our easy-to-use proprietary technology and in-house Sales, Underwriting, Legal and Servicing teams.

  • Access to Leadership – unlike other companies where there is little to no leadership involvement, at Oak Street Funding, you can have direct access to our CEO and Executive Team anytime you need them.
Is Oak Street Funding a direct lender?

Yes, we are a direct, non-SBA specialty lending company. We provide a dedicated team of in-house loan experts to meet your business’s capital needs. And, unlike some other companies, your loan will not be sold to another organization.

How do I go about getting a transtion loan?

Before taking out a loan, we encourage businesses to become informed about the various capital options they have available to them. If you are not familiar with these options, please take a few minutes to hear what Rick Dennen, Founder and CEO of Oak Street Funding, did to grow his specialty financing business. His insights into the various capital options might help shape how you choose to proceed on obtaining capital.


As mentioned in the video, taking on debt is one option to help grow your business.  If you believe debt is a likely option for your situation, please contact us. At Oak Street Funding, we have experts in lending that have helped hundreds of clients, in industries like yours, with the capital they need to grow their business.


Before contacting us or any other potential lending partner, we encourage you to understand what we look for when we review your situation. Please take a few minutes to listen to what Barry Kehl, Executive Director of Underwriting, has to say about the 5C’s of credit. These are critical to understand as they determine how we evaluate, and whether to extend funds, to a business.

What is the transition loan process at Oak Street Funding?

The typical loan process at Oak Street Funding includes six phases:

  • Assessment – a dedicated Loan Officer will meet with you to discuss your unique business needs and ensure all your questions are answered. If it seems we can help, you would then complete a loan application.

  • Application – you have the option of completing an online or paper application, and submit initial documentation to assess whether a term sheet – a non-binding letter of intent which summarizes the important financial and legal terms as well as the amount of the loan and its repayment – can be issued.

  • Processing – following execution of a term sheet and deposit, all documentation required for a loan would be submitted through our secure MyStreet loan platform.

  • Review– all relevant documents and information is analyzed by Underwriting, and any outstanding questions would be addressed.

  • Closing – final review and electronic signing of the loan documents

  • Funding – funds are disbursed

After you receive the funds, a dedicated customer-service representative will handle your account. You will always be able to reach your assigned representative in whichever manner is best for you, such as phone, email or text. If you prefer to self-serve, you can also check the status of your loan or obtain additional information on our secure, MyStreet portal.

How long will it take to put my financing in place?

All decisions are made by the Oak Street Funding team which allows us to expedite the process for our borrowers. The amount of time required to complete the business lending process depends on the timeliness of information provided by you and any respective parties to the transaction. Once all required documents are in, the approval process can be completed in as little as four weeks. More complex transactions may take longer to close. Listen to Alicia Chandler, Chief Counsel, provide an understanding of the process and documentation required.

What are the rates, fees and terms on my transition loan?

The rate, fees and terms (up to 10 years) of our loans vary depending on the particular business situation. At Oak Street Funding, our in-house lending experts review each loan application and provide a customized financial structure for every situation. We are a relationship-based business that believes our value is more about our deep expertise, partnership and servicing we provide, evident by the fact that many of our customers are repeat business and provide strong referrals.

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Since 2003, businesses like yours have grown thanks to hundreds of millions of dollars in business transition loans from Oak Street Funding, a direct, non-SBA lender.