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Insurance Agent & Broker Resource Center

Oak Street Funding understands the needs of insurance professionals and goes beyond providing financing. Our articles, white papers, monthly webinars and other resources help agents, brokers and MGAs find good leads, develop effective marketing strategies, adjust to changes in the market, master sales and much more.  

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White Papers

The Realities of Selling to a Larger BuyerThe Realities of Selling Your Agency to a Larger Buyer

Planning to sell your agency? The Realities of Selling to a Large Organization provides valuable insight from a former successful owner who, prior to a merger, grew his agency by 800% and received several awards from multiple insurance agencies and associations. Read his real-world experience selling to a large organization. What are the most important characteristics a seller should look for in a buyer? How does selling to a large organization affect the owner? Clients? Employees? These and other questions are addressed. Read more >

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Latest BridgeThe Bridge - Fall 2016

The Bridge provides industry trends, best practices and information to help you grow and stay competitive. In the latest edition:

Maximizing LinkedIn: Get connected and share your expertise.
Special Event Marketing: Special events to market your business?
Leads: Generate business by generating leads.

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Recorded Webinars

Tax implications of buying and selling an agency

Performance Map 365... The Art of Goal Setting

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Take your agency to the next level by learning the principles behind business planning. This webinar will introduce a process to enhance your ability to create visions, set goals, benchmark progress, build relationship networks and break through frustrations.

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Are you always seeking new ways to grow your business or manage it more efficiently? Our monthly webinars can help you meet your goals with information and perspectives form experienced industry professionals. Sign up to receive email invitations or see the next webinar

Latest Bridge


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Our  loan calculator can help you estimate loan payments.

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