Oak Street Funding Launches Series of Podcasts, Webinars and Videos

December 2, 2021 Oak Street Funding

INDIANAPOLIS—Dec. 2, 2021— Oak Street Funding, a First Financial Bank company specializing in loan products and services for lines of business including certified public accountants, registered investment advisors and insurance agents, announces today its new OnPointTM series of podcasts, webinars and videos for business leaders.

OnPoint will answer frequent questions and examine thought provoking business topics requested and asked by business owners. Each featured topic will be tailored to Oak Street Funding business clientele. The original series will be produced in a studio suite at the company’s corporate headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana and include leaders who are experts in their field.

OnPoint 2022 topics will include: financing solutions, capital gains tax implications, mergers and acquisitions, cybersecurity, succession planning and partner buyouts. To receive invitations and information sign up online.

Why OnPoint?

Rick Dennen, says, “We hear a steady and similar drumbeat of questions from business leaders, and have recognized a hunger for knowledge about capital solutions and strategies to propel business growth. The OnPoint Series is designed to share expert insights and help clients position their businesses for continued success."

Companies allied with Oak Street Funding are invited to share their insights and knowledge using the studio and its distribution systems. Oak Street Funding is providing customers access to the OnPoint studio suite, where professionals can develop and distribute their own content, such as webinars, vlogs, and videos. The studio is equipped with the same leading-edge technology and software found in professional video production facilities. The suite offers advantages, such as a room-size green screen, enabling limitless background options, while also accommodating multiple speakers and panel discussions.

Oak Street Funding’s customized lending solutions and proprietary technology have been successful nationwide in non-SBA lending for the distinctive capital needs of cash-flow based industries, including public accounting practices, investment advisors, and insurance agents.

About Oak Street Funding
Indianapolis-based Oak Street Funding, a First Financial Bank company, provides customized financial solutions for businesses in various industry sectors and third-party loan servicing for financial institutions. Oak Street Funding incorporates industry knowledge, easy-to-use technology and exceptional employees to deliver top-quality service and capital products to niche businesses nationwide. With in-house sales, underwriting, and servicing teams, and direct access to the CEO and executive team, Oak Street Funding is well-positioned to meet lending needs of borrowers in all stages of the business life cycle.

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